Traducción de stamina en Español:


resistencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstæmənə//ˈstamɪnə/


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    resistencia femenino
    tired already? you've got no stamina! ¿ya estás cansado? ¡qué poca resistencia / qué poco aguante tienes!
    • The murmurs against Bruno's physical and mental stamina had already begun.
    • Although no special equipment is required for the climb, it takes stamina and determination.
    • His biggest asset is his stamina and his ability to make more than 40 tackles per game.
    • Especially useful are exercises which build strength, suppleness and stamina.
    • It's only when you're doing it that you realise waiting takes stamina, strength and a strong will.
    • It takes skill, quite a bit of effort and stamina, and a certain kind of imagination.
    • All that exercise will pay off; you find that you have a lot of stamina and energy.
    • As a team they have the qualities to stay at the top - skill, speed, stamina, style.
    • The girls summoned their strength and stamina and faced the fresh legs of the opposition.
    • He stated that he had great determination and stamina and felt he would be safer at home than in hospital.
    • Her workshop is designed to improve vocal stamina and the clarity of speech rather than get rid of our accent.
    • In a pure test of stamina and speed, cyclists go one at a time and the one with the fastest time wins gold.
    • He says that he has lost a bit of energy and stamina, but considers himself lucky that the treatment seems to be working.
    • When we got to the Canal Turn, I just thought if his stamina lasts, he will win it.
    • My stamina is getting stronger, my determination more focused and my energy levels are increasing.
    • If they have to wait much longer they will be fighting in conditions which will sap their strength and stamina.
    • The rally will be a real test of endurance, stamina and navigational skills.
    • She goes to the gym three times a week to build up strength and stamina, and to keep her already lithe frame toned.
    • We see a man with a tough inner strength and immense stamina for everything life threw at him.
    • Each session includes a warm up followed by timed jogs and runs to boost stamina and endurance levels.