Traducción de stance en Español:


postura, n.

Pronunciación /stɑːns//stæns//stans/


  • 1

    (attitude, viewpoint)
    postura femenino
    posición femenino
    to take a tough stance on sth adoptar una postura / posición firme (con) respecto a algo
    • The party appear to have changed their stance on this matter.
    • In principle, many European countries adopt the stance that all lawful and serious agreements are contracts.
    • Authorities should assume an aggressive stance in screening money laundering and its related crimes.
    • Jacques Chirac thought he would take a tough stance on crime during this election campaign to assuage voters' fears and anxieties.
    • Writers on research ethics adopt different stances concerning the ethical issues that arise in connection with relationships between researchers and research participants.
    • The new administration favour a more hands-off stance in relation to global financial turbulence.
    • Voters who have turned to the Greens have done so for a range of reasons, not simply because of their stance on the environment.
    • I know there are a lot of people in the region who also respect his strong stance on family issues.
    • I once again implore that you reconsider your stance on this matter.
    • Ultimately, however, this film takes a stance on youthful rebellion that is as uncomfortable as it is unusual.
    • Earlier the party debated its new stance on law and order, or ‘tough Liberalism’.
    • In this edition we asked all ten political candidates about their stance on waste management and refuse services.
    • His aggressive stance on social issues will surely warm the hearts of influential religious conservatives.
    • Patent litigation is expensive, and a large company can wear down almost anyone if it adopts a hard-line stance.
    • However, street protests made the government reverse its stance on the privatization of water services.
    • A tough stance on crime should not be at the expense of innocent people losing their long-treasured liberties.
    • In particular, his robust stance on discipline is very welcome.
    • Her reticence, he surmises, was based on her conservative stance on social issues.
    • We hope the government will take a firm stance on the issue.
    • The company has drawn fire from labor groups, who say the company has an anti-union stance.
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    postura femenino
    • Some observers feel his stance has been too upright, causing him to struggle with outside pitches.
    • His body had already adopted the stance of a fighter.
    • Adopt a stance where your feet are about nine inches apart, and point your toes slightly outward.
    • The boy put up his fists in a defensive fighting stance as thunder boomed in the distance.
    • He is credited with inventing the southpaw stance in boxing.
    • Adopt a stance with the head erect, neither hanging down, nor looking up, nor twisted.
    • He instinctively adopted a fighting stance, almost daring these thugs to attack.
    • He struggled until recently, when he evened out his stance and balanced his weight.
    • In the second rounds, Simms switched to a southpaw stance, which paid quick dividends.
    • This stance allows the defender to be on balance, to be strong and to be agile.
    • I keep my stance simple, standing on the line of the crease with my feet a comfortable width apart.
    • Three different stances may be adopted, which correspond to three different fighting styles - fast, medium, and strong.
    • When adopting a stance, the bowler should be looking primarily for ease and comfort.
    • He has even taken to adopting a putting stance that looks for all the world as though he is about to do the splits.
    • Relaxing his shoulders, he took up an aggressive fighting stance.
    • She took a solid stance, right hand hovering over the hilt as if ready to draw.
    • He sighed and took a step back from her, adopting a nonchalant stance as best he could.
    • He explains how he never adopts exactly the same stance for any ball, just stands where he feels comfortable.
    • She stood in a defensive stance, not backing down from his stare, fists clenched at her sides.
    • For instance, some youngsters who struggle to play shots on the on-side adopt an open stance.