Traducción de stand en Español:


estar de pie, v.

Pronunciación /stænd//stand/

verbo intransitivostood

  • 1

    • 1.1(to be, to remain upright)

      (person) estar de pie
      (person) estar parado América Latina
      he was tired of standing estaba cansado de estar parado América Latina
      • she had to stand for the whole of the journey tuvo que hacer todo el viaje de pie
      • I was so tired I could hardly stand estaba tan cansado que apenas podía tenerme en pie
      • they left no stone standing no dejaron piedra sobre piedra

    • 1.2(to get to one's feet)

      ponerse de pie
      pararse América Latina
      she tried to stand trató de levantarse / ponerse de pie

    • 1.3(to measure in height)

      he stands 1.90m in his socks mide 1,90 sin zapatos
      • the tower stands 30 meters high la torre tiene / mide 30 metros de altura

  • 2

    • 2.1(to move, to take up position)

      pararse América Latina
      stand over there párate allí América Latina
      • stand clear! ¡apártense!
      • he stood on a chair se subió a una silla
      • to stand aside hacerse a un lado
      • she's not one to stand aside and let a rival take the prize no es de las que se hacen a un lado para que un rival se lleve el premio
      • can you stand on your head? ¿sabes hacer el pino?
      • you stood on my toe! ¡me pisaste!
      • I had to stand on the brakes tuve que pisar el freno a fondo

    • 2.2

      to stand for Calais ir en dirección a / con rumbo a Calais
      • to stand out from port hacerse a la mar

  • 3

    • 3.1(to be situated, located)

      she was standing at the window estaba junto a la ventana
      • against the wall stood a writing desk había un escritorio contra la pared
      • the chapel stands on the site of a pagan temple la capilla se yergue en el lugar de un antiguo templo pagano
      • a church stood here long ago hace mucho tiempo aquí había una iglesia
      • beneath the crest stands a motto bajo el escudo puede leerse un lema
      • his name stood at the top of the list su nombre ocupaba el primer lugar en la lista / encabezaba la lista
      • I won't stand between them no me interpondré entre ellos

    • 3.2(to hold a position)

      where do you stand on this issue? ¿cuál es tu posición en cuanto a este problema?
      • she stands to the left of the socialists está a la izquierda de los socialistas
      • she stands second in line to the throne ocupa el segundo lugar en la línea de sucesión al trono
      • where do the Dolphins stand in the league? ¿qué lugar ocupan los Dolphins en la liga?
      • ecological issues stand high on the agenda los temas ecológicos ocupan un lugar preferente en el orden del día
      • he stands high in their esteem lo tienen en mucha estima
      • you never know where you stand with him con él uno nunca sabe a qué atenerse
      • at least now I know where I stand por lo menos ahora sé a qué atenerme

    • 3.3(to be mounted, fixed)

      a hut standing on wooden piles una choza construida / que descansa sobre pilotes de madera

  • 4

    • 4.1(to stop, to remain still)

      they stood and stared open-mouthed se quedaron mirando boquiabiertos
      • she just stood there estaba allí parada
      • don't just stand there; do something! ¡no te quedes ahí parado! ¡haz algo!
      • I was left standing there looking like a fool me dejaron allí plantado como un tonto
      • I haven't time to stand around gabbing no tengo tiempo para estar / quedarme de charla
      • can't you stand still for two minutes? ¿no puedes estarte quieto un minuto?
      • time stood still el tiempo se detuvo
      • the train standing at platform five el tren que está en el andén número cinco
      • [ S ]no standing estacionamiento prohibido
      • tears stood in her eyes tenía los ojos llenos de lágrimas
      • beads of sweat stood on her brow tenía la frente perlada de sudor

    • 4.2(to stay undisturbed)

      remove from heat and leave to stand retirar del fuego y dejar reposar
      • water stood in puddles on the floor había charcos de agua en el suelo
      • his books stood untouched on the shelf los libros estaban en el estante tal como los había dejado

    • 4.3(to survive, to last)

      these walls have stood for centuries estas paredes tienen cientos de años
      • the tower is still standing la torre sigue en pie

  • 5

    (to stay in force)
    (agreement/law) seguir vigente
    (agreement/law) seguir en vigor
    the invitation/offer still stands la invitación/oferta sigue en pie
    • what I said still stands lo que dije sigue siendo válido
    • let the first paragraph stand que el primer párrafo quede tal (y) como está
    • his argument stands or falls on this point todo su argumento depende de este punto
  • 6

    • 6.1(to be)

      the house stands empty la casa está vacía
      • he stands accused of treason se lo acusa de traición
      • to stand mute permanecer en silencio

    • 6.2(to be currently)

      to stand at sth
      • unemployment stands at 17% el desempleo alcanza el 17%
      • receipts stand at $150,000 el total recaudado asciende a 150.000 dólares
      • the score stands at two all van empatados dos a dos

    • 6.3(to be likely to)

      to stand to + inf
      • he stands to lose a fortune puede llegar a perder una fortuna
      • what does she stand to gain out of this? ¿qué es lo que puede ganar con esto ?

  • 7

    • 7.1(to take on the role of)

      he agreed to stand godfather to the child aceptó ser padrino del niño
      • he stood proxy at the wedding actuó en representación del novio en la boda

    • 7.2British (in elections for office)

      presentarse (como candidato)
      he is unlikely to stand a second time no es probable que se presente otra vez
      • to stand for sth
      • she is standing for the presidency se va a presentar como candidata a la presidencia
      • to stand for treasurer presentarse como candidato para el cargo de tesorero

verbo transitivostood

  • 1

    (to place)
    (carefully, precisely) colocar
    she stood the bottles in a row puso / colocó las botellas en hilera
    • he stood the ladder against the wall puso / colocó / apoyó la escalera contra la pared
    • she stood us in a row nos puso en fila
    • he stood himself near the door se puso cerca de la puerta
  • 2

    • 2.1(to tolerate, to bear)

      (noise/pain) aguantar
      (pain/noise) soportar
      I can't stand him no lo aguanto / soporto
      • I can't stand the sight of him no lo puedo ni ver
      • to stand -ing
      • she can't stand being interrupted no soporta / no tolera que la interrumpan
      • I can't stand it any longer! ¡no aguanto más!

    • 2.2(to withstand)

      (strain/heat) soportar
      (heat/strain) resistir
      she won't be able to stand another disappointment no va a poder soportar otro desengaño
      • the chair won't stand your weight la silla no te va a aguantar / no va a aguantar tu peso
      • to stand the test pasar la prueba

  • 3

    (to pay for)
    (drink/dinner) invitar a
    she stood us a lavish meal nos invitó a una opípara comida


  • 1

    • 1.1(position)

      lugar masculino
      sitio masculino
      I took (up) my stand at the entrance ocupé mi lugar / me coloqué en mi sitio en la entrada
      • One after another they all tried, each man rising in his turn and taking his stand before the threshold.
      • Taking her stand in the centre of the room, she waited.
      • She took her stand at the podium in the center of the room.

    • 1.2(attitude)

      postura femenino
      posición femenino
      stand on sth
      • what is your stand on this issue? ¿cuál es su postura / posición en cuanto a este problema?
      • to take a stand on sth adoptar una postura / posición con respecto a algo
      • she took a stand against the merger adoptó una postura / posición contraria a la fusión
      • Tim's principled stands on these issues propelled him to victory against his two better-known rivals.
      • She explained to the audience about the need for anyone writing about art to take an ideological stand with a historical perspective in mind.
      • He spoke of the principled stand Mick took on the issue of the transfer of elective orthopaedics from Kilkenny to Waterford.
      • This signifies the shifting stand taken by the victim or her family towards the crime and the criminal in view of the existing social environment.
      • In fact, the newspaper clearly distorted the stand of the Republican party in both cases.
      • No President in history has ever taken a principled stand on every issue.
      • This movie is wildly successful because it not only takes a stand, it has real people talking about real issues in a simple way.
      • I take a more critical stand towards the Prime Minister.
      • In my opinion the stand of the parties, one of whom seeks expedition and the other of whom does not oppose it, is soundly based.
      • The crux of the matter lies in what attitude and stand we take and what method we use to handle contradictions.
      • The trouble is that no one is taking a principled stand on either side.
      • It had also been adopting a different stand from the left parties on various public issues.
      • The stand we take will reflect the prevalent social attitude towards crimes against women.
      • He added that it has always been the stand of his party that elections can never lead to a solution to the issue.
      • His main concern is not to do or say anything which may offend the party bosses or which goes against the professed stand of the party.
      • When push comes to shove, even those who recognize the political roots of drug testing are not inclined to take a stand.
      • But where he gets in trouble, again, is his unwillingness to make a firm stand on any issue.
      • They have been unwilling to take forthright stands either on issues of peace or of economic justice.
      • We're dedicated to a principled stand, it's in the national interest and we'll be standing by that.
      • The leader of the British Columbia Green Party also took a stand, siding with the con team members.

    • 1.3(resistance)

      resistencia femenino
      to make a stand against sth oponer resistencia a algo
      • she'd had enough and decided to make a stand ya estaba harta y decidió ponerse firme
      • Custer's Last Stand la última batalla de Custer
      • It is time to take a stand against the erosion of rights.
      • Trail bikers are planning a peaceful protest on the Ridgeway to take a stand against the banning of motor vehicles on the path in winter.
      • The British Printing Industries Federation is the first to take a stand against the practice.
      • This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and not enough people take a stand against it.
      • Consumers can take a stand against paper waste in a number of ways.
      • Bearing these staggering figures in mind, it's not surprising one shopping centre in the borough has decided to take a stand and address its own waste issues.
      • The official pointed to last month's unusually emotive call to the nation to take a stand against racism.
      • He has decided to take a stand against rising fuel costs.
      • But new powers mean neighbourhoods can take a stand against premises used for drugs.
      • Residents across the country are being urged to take a stand against vandals, thugs and yobs that plague their communities.
      • She decided to take a stand against the yobs who were making life a misery for people in the town.
      • Davies announced that Privacy International would take a stand against the introduction of ID cards in the UK.
      • If your salary and benefits keep getting whittled away, eventually you have to take a stand against that.
      • For me, to honor my heritage as I was raised to understand it, I am obligated to take a stand against what I know to be wrong.
      • We need to take a stand against these forces of darkness and unreason.
      • I was there to take a stand against a global system that increasingly places more value on economic progress than on human and ecological welfare.
      • The medical community is also beginning to take a stand against genetically modified foods.
      • It is time to take a stand against these youngsters and start by naming and shaming them.
      • After his brother's murder, for which he is more than partially responsible, he decides he must take a stand and fight the corruption.
      • The whole world needs to take a stand against such abuses.

  • 2

    • 2.1(pedestal, base)

      pie masculino
      base femenino
      • A few things toppled from the night stand on her side.
      • A stage hand shone another torch at his microphone stand, and the show continued by torchlight.
      • Concert stands also are fully adjustable in height.
      • You could also arrange treats on tiered cake stands.
      • The aerosol had been kept with other toiletries on a bathroom stand under a wall-mounted electric heater.
      • There was even a music stand in the corner and a shelf for my violin right next to it.
      • Leaning over towards the bed stand, she turned on the lights as the door to her bedroom burst open.
      • The compère strides forward and plucks the microphone from the stand.
      • The school is also installing new cycle stands and bike sheds.
      • The proposal also includes 40 car parking spaces, six covered cycle stands and two motorbike spaces.
      • A metal stand supports his B-flat bass instrument so he can play while in his wheelchair.
      • Emily put the piece back on the stand and sight-read the music with the rest of the band.
      • It had a cylindrical shape and was supported by a stand with five legs.
      • The first step is removing the doors, which are placed on stands resembling garment racks, then wheeled down a perpendicular subassembly line.
      • In the corners of the chamber there were several wooden stands, which supported majestic candles.
      • Although frustrated, the man meekly returned the offending piece back to its stand.
      • These are accompanied by all manner of sandwiches, scones and cakes piled onto tiered stands.
      • The night stand had a pad of paper and a pen in the small drawer.
      • Layton was so excited his errant arm knocked the microphone from its stand.
      • New litter bins, cycle stands, additional on-street car parking bays and new, less obtrusive signs are also planned.

    • 2.2(for sheet music)

      atril masculino

    • 2.3(for coats, hats)

      perchero masculino

  • 3

    (at fair, exhibition)
    stand masculino
    caseta femenino
    (larger) pabellón masculino
    newspaper/fruit stand puesto de periódicos/frutas masculino
    • When we came back to the cotton candy stand I saw Brant standing there.
    • At one end of the market, a few stands sold a variety of local spices, sauces, tea and jams.
    • Eventually she came to the market, where she found many food stands.
    • The exhibition had 60 stands featuring mission agencies and societies.
    • Information on the work of the Lions Club and the causes they support was on display on their stand.
    • A further 20 student exhibition stands will be added to the event.
    • We circled the terminal looking at the food stands before we made our choice, a small restaurant in the corner of the terminal.
    • His stand is just one of many in the Discovery Days exhibition at the Guildhall.
    • As is usually the case in French food markets, most of the stands sell fruits and vegetables.
    • More than 500 trade exhibitors took part in the exhibition, and 32 stands were nominated for the award.
    • The festival is being extensively promoted in advance with stands booked for the Holiday World extravaganzas in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.
    • He said his ice-cream stand will have sold more than 5,000 cones by the end of the three-day festival.
    • Staff from a variety of specialist organisations will be setting up stands and displays at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, from July 5 to July 9.
    • Cold Steel has several marketing aids, including videos, catalogs, specialty clothing and display stands.
    • About 200 exhibit stands will show tourist attractions from around China and those from other countries, such as Australia, Egypt and Britain.
    • Visitors can also take a look at the career information stand, an exhibition of projects and historic memorabilia on the night.
    • The police were informed and, while the picture was still on the screen, they arrived and made an arrest in full view of visitors to the exhibition stand.
    • The markets are becoming very popular: there can be about 40 different stands selling fresh agricultural produce at any one time.
    • Cheered to the rafters as he briefly appeared on the conference stage and glowingly welcomed as he toured the exhibition stands, the former leader took all before him.
    • On the weekends, you can grab lunch at one of the food stands that set up camp just outside the gate.
    • He makes 10 to 15,000 gallons of unpasteurized cider a season, most of which he sells at his farm stand.
    • It also had more concession stands and more comfortable seating than the older parks.
    • Upfront Exhibitions was set up to fill a need for the design and construction of trade stands, exhibition, stage sets and props.
    • Wandering the streets for a while we come across an alley full of food stands.
    • Dara pretended not to hear and walked off towards the refreshment stand.
    • Local ladies will have a cake stand and all support would be appreciated.
    • Various companies will exhibit on the 22 stands.
    • You want to hit the concession stand before the game starts!
    • On the way out of the beer fest we passed a stand selling olives.
    • Their stand will promote physical activity, mental health, healthy eating and smoking cessation.
    • This evening, I was setting up our exhibition stand ready for the morning.
    • The event will kick off at 9.30 am and at 4pm roads in the town centre will be closed to allow market stands and crowds to overflow into the streets.
    • He looked at the roadside stalls, and stopped to purchase from one of the many fruit stands.
    • The sports complex took on the air of an exhibition centre with 25 stands.
    • There were long lines throughout the day at concession stands and many exhibits.
    • Activities on offer include exhibition stands and presentations/workshops on a range of media industry related topics.
    • Arrived at Earls Court and signed up for a whole bunch of seminars before taking a wander round the stands and exhibitions.
    • As duty officer he was manning an exhibition stand and casting an eye over some display boards when a familiar name caught his eye.
    • Above it will be an upper-deck patio with concession stands and permanent restrooms.
    • Food stands and other entertainment facilities are also available for both adults and children.
  • 4

    (for spectators)
    tribuna femenino
    • Instead, the report recommends extending the covered terraced stand opposite the main stand with new seating installed and a new cantilevered roof.
    • Watching the stands, I could see the wind tearing through the spectators at a 90-degree angle.
    • The lottery money will go towards the completion of the new stand and the conversion of the pitch into an all weather surface.
    • Sturdy steel fences surrounding the arena have been constructed, preventing close contact with the spectators sitting in the stands.
    • As we talked the club was preparing to install three hundred new seats in the spectator stand that it built last year.
    • By the time the game started there were only a few parents and spectators in the stands.
    • We were sat in the very highest echelons of the main stand, with fans of both sides around us, and the camaraderie and mutual respect in evidence was fantastic.
    • The 30,000 spectators will be seated in two tiered stands that reflect each other across the pitch.
    • We sat high up in the covered stand, towards the City End.
    • There are a few interested spectators in the stands, and some reporters and TV cameras.
    • They will also replace the temporary north stand with a permanent structure.
    • He was more often a spectator in the main stand than a striker selected to play.
    • Few spectators in the stands remained for the last inning, disgusted with such a one-sided score.
    • Have you ever been in the stands at a race meeting when ‘your’ horse is neck and neck on that last half furlong?
    • The stands are half-full, spectators jostling to reach their seats.
    • Increasingly, sport was watched not from the stands or terraces but from the armchair.
    • The stand is less than quarter-full.
    • At half-time, they inflated the ball and ran towards an entrance in the south stand which leads on to the pitch.
    • The turnstiles will be resited closer to the playing area and opposite the main stand we hope to cover some of the standing area adjacent to the cricket field.
    • The spectator stands have been declared dangerous and need urgent renovation.
  • 5EEUU

    (witness box)
    estrado masculino
    to take the stand subir al estrado
    • The opportunity to be humiliated on the stand is unlimited, either for not knowing a fact or for not being able to defend an opinion.
    • She walked over to the stand and raised her right hand over the Bible.
    • The trial is underway right now, and on the stand is a rebuttal witness for the prosecution.
    • The mother is still on the stand and emotionally unable to continue on.
    • She was the only witness to the killing, and to make the case for self-defense, her lawyers had to put her on the stand.
    • I asked him so many times to put me on the stand.
    • Memory fades with time, and as a result the evidence people can provide on the stand becomes progressively more unreliable.
    • As he left the stand, he handed his business card to the judge.
    • And let me also remind you that when some of the defense witnesses were on the stand, the jury laughed at them.
    • He was given to walking around the courtroom before stopping abruptly to bellow questions at the witness in the stand.
    • Prosecutors don't want to put her on the stand without corroboration, because her bias is so evident.
    • Edwards called his witness to the stand.
    • Tonight, the boy is home after facing some tough questions on the stand today.
    • The witness came to the stand and the bailiff once again came around with the Bible.
  • 6

    (of trees)
    grupo masculino
    a stand of poplars una alameda
    • a stand of wheat un trigal
    • We've turned the forestland around, and in addition to improving the existing stands, we've planted many more.
    • The college is nestled into a hillside and is surrounded by a magnificent stand of fir trees.
    • Seek shelter in low-lying areas, such as dense stands of small trees.
    • Aspen groves dot the trail as you go, with larger stands waiting for you on the far side of the lake.
    • Beyond the stand of trees, well away from the road, the hiking trail became dark.
    • Approaching the house you can see it is covered from the east by a stand of beech trees.
    • Fire, which clears out flammable underbrush and thins stands of young trees, is a natural part of the ecology in most Western forests.
    • The path takes me up through some dense stands of pine trees and across a couple of meadows.
    • Leave the track here to the right and follow a wire fence which encloses a stand of conifers.
    • Direct planting seeds can be cheaper than planting seedlings and usually results in a denser stand of trees and shrubs.
    • They thin out dense stands of low trees and shrubs.
    • Eventually we came to a stand of birch trees growing in a circle.
    • Since the American elm generally was regarded as the optimal urban tree, extensive stands were planted, something no city would do today.
    • Great stands of trees march beside the roads in a panoply of greens that rival New England's Fall.
    • He planted a number of stands of spruce, larch and fir trees many of which still exist.
    • There's a stand of pine just off the side.
    • In the forest were black gum trees and thick stands of white cedar.
    • It winds up through rolling hills with stands of poplar trees, distant views of lakes and snowy mountain peaks strung along the horizon.
    • A healthy and vigorous alfalfa stand minimizes many production problems.
    • Handsome stands of mature trees were complemented by new flower beds.