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Pronunciación /ˈstɑːrtʃrɪˌduːst//ˈstɑːtʃrɪˌdjuːst/


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    • Popular products included Energen starch-reduced crispbread, Limmits (biscuits and crackers), Primula Slimbread, and Nimble.
    • We have researched and developed an application of starch-reduced technique in plastics.
    • The bakery introduced ‘bagged’ bread and also a ‘revolutionary starch-reduced ‘Top Diet’ loaf for the calorie conscious’.
    • We now know that a pound of starch-reduced slimming biscuits contains three-and-a-half times as much carbohydrate as a pound of boiled potatoes.
    • A 1960 ad for Procera bread touts its starch-reduced, protein-enriched qualities, in a rather eerie echo of today's enthusiasm for low-carb products.
    • One of the biggest obstacles to using sugar- and starch-reduced treatment in cancer patients in the past has been that it was generally believed that the brain couldn't function properly without glucose.