Traducción de stardom en Español:


estrellato, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɑrdəm//ˈstɑːdəm/


  • 1

    estrellato masculino
    to rise to stardom alcanzar el estrellato
    • the role that brought her stardom el papel que la lanzó al estrellato
    • Young Jazz supremo Jamie Cullum's rise to stardom could be topped with a prestigious Brit award.
    • But her hopes of turning raw talent into stardom could be dashed as she needs to raise cash to pay for the fees.
    • But his experience in the field of production held him in good stead in the rise to stardom.
    • During the course of the story Smith has a lot to say about the emptiness of celebrity and stardom and what it means.
    • Fifty years of dreaming about stardom and fame, and suddenly I wake up and I'm in Bolton.
    • I think the more you do the more you encourage the myth of fame and stardom.
    • He shot to stardom in Fame Academy, where his wild performances stood out against other pop wannabes.
    • Although the championship may mark the pinnacle of Neil's career his rise to stardom has not been an overnight one.
    • If not quite a tale of rags to riches, the story of Salim's rise to stardom certainly comes close.
    • Hockey ace Holly Stringfellow is on the way to international glory stardom being picked for Britain.
    • Ms Simpson has risen to international stardom as a recording artist and television personality.
    • They are very much coach's players who have gained stardom, lost it, and regained it again.
    • York teenage sensation Nicola Parry has reached a new high in her rapid rise to rugby league stardom.
    • Their rapid rise to stardom has not gone unnoticed by those closest to the band, either.
    • These have overtaken Top of the Pops in the ratings by revealing how pop stardom and celebrity is manufactured.
    • He rose to stardom following his starring roles in The French Connection and Superman.
    • However, for the boy who dreamed of the red and black shirt, it has been a rapid rise to stardom.
    • The film traces his rise to international stardom through a sequence of classic archive performances.
    • It's obvious that his stardom is very important to him and has affected his boxing career.
    • After the pair enjoyed an implausible pop stardom together, Flynn baled out and found peace with his inner self.