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Stars and Stripes


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    the Stars and Stripes la bandera de los EEUU
    • Today, Americans have adopted the Stars and Stripes not so much as a symbol of defiance against an aggressor but as an emblem for their grief and mourning for what happened.
    • Democrats and Republicans were praising Ronald Reagan because he had made it okay to fly the Stars and Stripes again.
    • CNN, NBC and ABC all made great play of The Stars and Stripes being hoisted atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    • The Stars and Stripes would fly as it had flown the day before, and as it had under Clinton or Eisenhower.
    • Right now, that is what the Stars and Stripes does for this country.
    • Yesterday bouquets of lilies, pansies and white roses adorned its steps, flanked by a union flag and the Stars and Stripes.
    • The picture of the Stars and Stripes being raised over Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi made photographer Joe Rosenthal a household name after the war.
    • When soldiers show up wearing the Stars and Stripes on their shoulders, people know what to expect.
    • He took to wearing a Stars and Stripes pin in his lapel.
    • The Stars and Stripes were raised over Texas, Oregon, California, and the Southwest.
    • The Stars and Stripes was burnt in a dozen capital cities.
    • Pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes has nothing to do with it.
    • On the wall behind was hung the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes.
    • The protesters staged their own rituals by burning the Stars and Stripes.
    • A plastic glass, plates, or paper napkins donning the Stars and Stripes add a festive mood.
    • One marine wrapped his face in the Stars and Stripes.
    • They know that not every fashionable young man wants to don a T-shirt with the Stars and Stripes.
    • But come the resumption it was America and the Stars and Stripes that were flying high.
    • He looked around, expecting to see the Stars and Stripes fluttering from a nearby roof but could see nothing, only that black ripple of a shadow dancing on the wall.
    • Moments earlier, the Stars and Stripes was controversially burned in the middle of Oxford.

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    • La bandera de EEUU. Sus cincuenta estrellas (stars) representan los cincuenta estados y las trece franjas horizontales representan las primeras colonias que constituyeron Estados Unidos en la época de la independencia. También recibe el nombre de Old Glory o Star-Spangled Banner - The Star-Spangled Banner