Traducción de starting pistol en Español:

starting pistol

pistola de salida, n.


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    pistola de salida femenino
    • President Bush has fired the starting pistol on a new arms race.
    • Police were today investigating after an Olympic starting pistol was thrown over a wall into Chelmsford Prison.
    • The bill amends provisions relating to the importation of firearms, parts of firearms, restricted weapons, starting pistols, and ammunition.
    • The starting pistol has been fired in the race to find brilliant businesses in the borough.
    • Irate, he returned some hours later with a gun, which turned out to be a starting pistol.
    • The 29-year-old rally star came out from behind the wheel to fire the starting pistol on a new series of The Discovery Channel's Thunder Races 2 with co-presenter Adrian Simpson.
    • Months of speculation were about to end today as Prime Minister Tony Blair was expected to fire the starting pistol on the General Election campaign.
    • But Celtic have heard only one gun all season: the SPL starting pistol back in July.
    • The gun is thought to be a starting pistol or blank-firing replica.
    • As Tony Blair fired the starting pistol today, months after the runners hared off down the campaign trail, the public met the news with a weary shrug of resignation.
    • Officers also recovered a starting pistol with ammunition and two imitation firearms.
    • It is feared that ‘minor’ criminals such as muggers are arming themselves with starting pistols and other legally-bought guns, which are then altered to become lethal weapons.
    • And as soon as the starting pistol was fired readers raced to the telephone and email to put me in the picture.
    • A student firing a starting pistol dashed towards the Prince at an open air event in Sydney.
    • Prosecutor Gavin Howie explained how the offences came to light after Customs officers at Dover became suspicious about a package containing a blank-firing starting pistol.
    • The woman who fired the starting pistol is Janet Reuben - she's English - who is chief executive of Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Board.
    • The weapon he sold me was a pistol - just an ordinary starting pistol that you can buy in any sport shop, but it had been converted.
    • The decision by internet search engine Google to file for an initial public offering will be the starting pistol for a new boom in technology shares.
    • Embu fired the starting pistol on its entertainment entry last May.
    • Motson, for instance, will now almost certainly be rethinking the wisdom of his decision to fire the starting pistol for the main race.