Traducción de starvation wages en Español:

starvation wages

salario de hambre, n.

sustantivo plural

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    salario de hambre masculino
    • Retired doesn't mean dead, says a group that sticks up for former city employees, even if pensioners are getting starvation wages.
    • A multinational behind glamorous fashion and perfume brands pays its factory workers starvation wages.
    • As a result, all other sectors are suffering - hospitals are without drugs, schools are without books and civil servants are being forced to accept starvation wages.
    • Often, they work for starvation wages under conditions that make a mockery of all safety and protective regulations.
    • In addition, many Mexicans would rather stay at home, but companies pay starvation wages in the maquiladoras, and wind up creating the very conditions forcing people to come here.
    • To a reporter's question, the president replied, ‘Something has to be done about the elimination of child labor and long hours and starvation wages.’
    • Russia's February 1917 revolution started when women textile workers went on strike, sick to death of working long hours for starvation wages.
    • The brothers quickly became leaders among the farm workers, demanding an end to starvation wages and the debt-driven servitude they found in the fields.
    • While companies like Starbucks reap massive profits, coffee farmers and plantation workers live on starvation wages.
    • Wretched housing, starvation wages and an indefatigable sense of community: a description of the existence of thousands of York citizens at the turn of the 20th century.
    • Not only are these workers being paid starvation wages, but they are in many instances, together with their families, daily subjected to all forms of abuse, including violence.
    • Working families, Mother Jones argued, possessed vast, untapped powers to fight the corporations that bound them to starvation wages and the corrupt politicians who did the businessmen's bidding.
    • This is especially so if they knew the people driving them are paid starvation wages and go without sleep for days at a time.
    • These businesses make money off of starvation wages.
    • Bolivian teachers earn starvation wages that oscillate between US $100 and US $200, an amount that places them below the poverty line and makes it nearly impossible to raise a family.
    • This is a drastic improvement, considering that the initial struggle was to rescue workers from harsh and hazardous conditions with starvation wages.
    • And while Spain is booming economically, there's a lot of anti-globalisation sentiment among young people because youth unemployment is so high and they're on starvation wages.
    • Nzimande said farm workers and their families were paid starvation wages and subjected to daily abuse.
    • Many flee wars, but many more flee ruinous prices and starvation wages.
    • The workers point out that the construction companies take advantage of the high unemployment in the region to pay starvation wages.