Traducción de state house en Español:

state house


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    (in US)
    the state house el edificio de la legislatura estatal
    • Not that mercy was a defining characteristic of Bush's six years in the Texas state house, when he put more prisoners to death than any other governor in modern US history.
    • Overseeing the Democrats is John Wertheim, a lawyer in Albuquerque; he replaces Joni Gutierrez, who quit to run for the state house from Las Cruces.
    • The state legislature in Maine passed a similar resolution, as did the state house of representatives in Hawaii.
    • Then we need to keep track of what those politicians actually do, when they get to the city hall, or the county assembly, or the state house, or Congress.
    • As is well known, he has presided over more than 130 executions during his tenure in the Texas state house.
    • They fear a genuinely popular movement against the policies of the extreme right far more than a Republican takeover of the state house.
    • Everyone going into a state house, he asserted, ‘should understand that it is not a lifetime entitlement.’
    • He said he fully backed the NAACP's campaign in South Carolina to get the flag removed from the state house.
    • In the summer and fall of 2003, the Democrats and Republicans were locked in a protracted political struggle over who would control the state house in Sacramento.
    • It was in this period that Paine began to develop plans for an iron bridge and exhibited a model of one at the Pennsylvania state house.