Traducción de statistic en Español:


estadística, n.

Pronunciación /stəˈtɪstɪk//stəˈtɪstɪk/


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    estadística femenino
    the statistics show that … las estadísticas demuestran que …
    • I'm a person, not just a statistic yo soy una persona, no un número / una estadística
    • Had the company stayed, it would almost certainly have become just another forgotten statistic in the vast list of company wind-ups and failures.
    • Barbara, of Brampton Road, Croydon, is very open about her past giving yet another thought provoking statistic.
    • Groundwell Farm, he said, must not become ‘yet another statistic in Swindon's neglect’ of historic buildings.
    • The shooting down of a Lancaster bomber in France in July 1944 was just another grim statistic for Allied commanders.
    • In the ensuing chaos, she herself could have become another grim statistic in the terrible death toll of Sabra and Shatila, had her father not rescued her and her family.
    • Was I just about to become another statistic, one of the many lost souls who go missing, never to be seen again, until their skeleton is found under a patio two decades hence?
    • And so they said why not start now so this doesn't happen and you're not another statistic?
    • Sadly another young pedestrian has become a statistic in the recent tragic accident on Bradshawgate.
    • However, he has to begin to appreciate that he is actually dealing with a real life here and not just another health statistic.
    • I know that I'm just another statistic, another self harming teenage girl.
    • Has he no sympathy or regret to convey to the relatives or Scottish public, or are they, as he seems to suggest, just another statistic?
    • Chalk Richard Lewis up as another statistic on the list of people who have ruined their lives through illegal drug use.
    • Be safe and don't be another Christmas accident statistic.
    • He had become another statistic in the law-and-order game that dominated Queensland politics.
    • He is just another statistic in the Celtic Tiger's briefcase.
    • Paul Brown has become another statistic in the ever increasing male suicide rate in this country.
    • The tragedy of Thomas Smith is yet another statistic to underline the need for something to be done to protect young drivers and other road users from the temptation to speed.
    • There is a way, however, to decrease the risk of being swept away in a slide and becoming another statistic.
    • Why end up sick, in hospital, in poor health or even just another statistic when there is every chance that you could remain healthy and have a full life?
    • Employees who suddenly find themselves as just another redundancy statistic are simply not prepared to give up.