Traducción de status en español:


Pronunciación: /ˈsteɪtəs//ˈsteɪdəs//ˈstædəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(category, situation)

      member status categoría de socio femenino
      • the status of women la condición jurídica y social de las mujeres
      • what's his legal status? ¿cuál es su situación legal?
      • this will has no legal status este testamento no tiene validez
      • the group has no official status el grupo no está oficialmente reconocido como tal
      • before noun status inquiry investigación de calificación crediticia

    • 1.2

      posición social femenino
      estatus masculino

    • 1.3(kudos)

      estatus masculino
      prestigio masculino
      standing masculino
      • Even in a community steeped in wealth and status, the Tanners were a distinguished clan.
      • Many observers noted that this system worked only as long as the officer enjoyed high social status.
      • They were given power, wealth, office and status on condition that they kept the peace and adopted Roman ways.
      • Cheran enjoyed his new found status as an actor as fans mobbed him everywhere.
      • No points for guessing but this committee too is headed by Sonia, who enjoys Cabinet status.
      • Among some southern tribes, the number of cattle a family owns is a sign of wealth and status.
      • On the one hand, it was a powerful tool to enhance or sustain personal and corporate power, wealth, and status.
      • Years after his fighting days he continued to enjoy legendary status in Latin America.
      • In our country, we seem to have an innate resistance to thinking of business as a route to wealth or status.
      • They were obviously very luxurious, and ownership implied great wealth and status.
      • There appears to be a growing percentage enjoying an upper class status in South Africa.
      • They had to be waited on hand and foot and the size of their household was a barometer of wealth and status.
      • She said the status would also help boost the school's health and social care vocational work.
      • She had never been able to accept the notion of marrying for wealth or for status.
      • Automobiles are difficult to obtain, and the ownership of a car is a symbol of wealth and high status.
      • Individuals in the old regime were intensely concerned with questions of status and rank.
      • Most of them don't come from wealthy or influential families or have wealth or status in their own right.
      • The quantity of grave goods varied, suggesting that rank and status were represented in death.
      • I watched him grow through college and Minor ranks to Senior star status over the years.
      • Social status and political power would be nice, but being able to eat and live are more important.

  • 2

    (state, condition)
    situación femenino
    before noun status meeting reunión de seguimiento femenino