Traducción de statute book en Español:

statute book

código, n.


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    código masculino
    • For my part, I have seen those as issues of law which would be shown by reference to the statute books, rather than as issues to be included in the statement of facts.
    • The rising in Ulster, not Charles I nor the English House of Lords, was primarily responsible for these bills not reaching the Irish statute book.
    • Public opinion polls apparently carry far more weight than a federal statute book.
    • The four-player game is not easily mastered, but at least you won't have to tackle a statute book of bidding conventions.
    • So we are losing massively by this silly provision on our statute book.
    • Consequently, compared to common law countries, civil law countries have weak judiciaries - and long statute books.
    • A great amount of equality legislation is on the statute books, however, loopholes around the law exist and cases are hard to prove unless clearly obvious.
    • A handful of politicians are desperate to get anti-sectarian legislation on to the statute books.
    • In the first reform of Ireland's libel laws for 50 years, expected to be approved by the cabinet before Christmas, the so-called Reynolds defence will be written into the statute books.
    • The ballot measure would elevate five groundbreaking laws from the statute books to the state Constitution, where they could not be overturned or ignored - for the most part - without a vote of the people.
    • ‘Putting legislation on the statute books is very fine but without a credible system of enforcement, the regulatory system will never reach its full potential’ the minister said.
    • That is a hangover from the old male breadwinner concept, and is out of step with current social mores, so I am pleased that we are now removing it from our statute book.
    • What does not exist on the statute books or in the case law is evidently permissible.
    • It does, of course, include many such rules and decisions and these can be found, paradigmatically, in statute books, judicial decisions and, of course, written constitutions.
    • If they cannot do this, then they should help to remove this festering sore from our statute book and support this bill.
    • I can't see what's wrong with an ‘automatic expiry date’ - laws are tough to remove from the statute books, laws which curtail freedoms should be watched.
    • I have written to the chief constable asking him to use his influence with MPs, the Home Secretary and the Chief Inspector of Constabulary to try and get effective legislation on the statute books.
    • Expert legal opinion, district valuer's prices and compulsory purchase are all in the Executive's armoury before a single sentence of land legislation reaches the statute books.
    • That notion of justice - which everyone must define for themselves - and resides in our hearts as much as it resides on a statute book.
    • It is the most malicious piece of legislation ever placed on a statute book and it has no place in a civilised country.