Traducción de STD en Español:


ETS, n.


  • 1

    ETS femenino
    • sexually transmitted disease
  • 2Britanico

    • The facility allows long distance calls within the State and Pondicherry to be made from phones not provided with the subscriber trunk dialling facility.
    • Each of our hotel rooms is provided with bath/shower, WC, cable-TV, radio, mini-bar and subscriber trunk dialling telephone.
    • The Meter No. l9, when connected to a subscriber's line, will indicate to the subscriber the number of charge units which have been registered on his meter in the exchange when subscriber trunk dialling is in operation.
    • From then on this sector sees rapid development moving from subscriber trunk dialling, international direct dialling, internet and e-mail using cable and satellite communications.
    • The number of pay phones installed totalled 19,230, of which 7,555 were for STD (subscriber trunk dialling) and ISD (international subscriber dialling), while the remaining 11,675 were for local calls.
    • Subscriber Trunk Dialling