Traducción de steak en Español:


bistec, n.

Pronunciación /steɪk//steɪk/


  • 1

    (for grilling, frying)
    • 1.1

      bistec masculino
      filete masculino
      churrasco masculino Cono Sur
      bife masculino Río de la Plata Bolivia
      • Not eating stacks of spare ribs and steaks, but a balanced diet of meat, fish and vegetables is healthier.
      • My cart is filled with the steaks my husband wants for dinner, and my heart is filled with the comfort of knowing he'll be home to enjoy them.
      • Thickly slice the steaks and serve spiced-side up, with a drizzle of red wine sauce.
      • Among the meals on offer are chicken pasta, spaghetti bolognaise, tuna pizza and roast pork loin steaks.
      • They now make and sell their own sausages, steaks and burgers instead of getting someone else to do it.
      • What is it about blokes and meat? steaks, burgers, chops are the way to a man's heart
      • The French system of dissecting out muscles from a carcass yields other pieces of lean tender meat suitable for steaks.
      • She cooked steaks and burgers in such a way that they almost mooed when prodded with a fork.
      • It would be very sad if all French cooks could manage was pizzas, steaks and burgers.
      • Dry the swordfish steaks with a paper towel, then sprinkle on a little salt and a bunch of pepper.
      • We had opted to do grilled salmon steaks, accompanied by a salad and some tiny new potatoes I'd discovered in a larder.
      • The pub now has two restaurants serving anything from sausages to shark steaks.
      • Roll out the pastry and cut four oblong pieces large enough to enclose the steaks.
      • Thick, succulent tuna steaks are first marinated in a simple dressing, and then barbecued until just cooked.
      • Lay the steaks in a shallow dish and sprinkle with a teaspoon of paprika and the pink peppercorns.
      • Eat strong cheese for protein I suppose, and salmon steaks with organic frozen peas because they are easy and tasty.
      • Suddenly we were experiencing great big steaks that were literally sizzling in front of you.
      • Lay two breaded steaks at a time into oil and cook on each side until golden brown.
      • Throughout the country, French fries are eaten with steaks or minced raw meat.
      • Season the steaks with black pepper and a little oil and set them aside while you heat a grill or griddle pan.

    • 1.2(cut)

      carne para filete femenino
      carne para bistec femenino
      carne para churrasco femenino Cono Sur
      carne para bife femenino Río de la Plata Bolivia
      • A batter less precisely defined turns a simple tube steak into summer's ubiquitous corn dog.
      • The chefs meanwhile offer up such delights as caviar, oysters and kangaroo steak.
      • Traditional pub favourites dominate the menu, including steak, scampi and lasagne, with a two meals for £5.99 offer.
      • A versatile salad, this could be served as an accompaniment to grilled steak, chicken or the creamy fish pie above.
      • I picked listlessly at my Black Angus steak, not quite al dente fettuccine, and sighed.
      • Mark had ham ravioli, which I found floury, and then a great big boring piece of steak with pepper sauce.
      • For mains there is a choice of three - rib eye steak, pork tenderloin or fish of the day.
      • There were also some quite spectacular pieces of dark red meat on show, available either in the form of a fat slab of steak or in choice little cuts delivered on a slice of crusty bread.
      • She finally arrives at my table with the bottle some minutes after my steak has arrived.
      • The thick eight-ounce steak was cooked just medium as she had ordered it.
      • It provides a lean and tender steak that can be grilled, pan-fried or oven-cooked.
      • The first time I cooked steak I didn't know when to stop and it turned out like a piece of black leather.
      • A green salad livened with blue cheese vinaigrette gets a fan of seared rare steak and colorful peppers.
      • Prince Edward who gave the cook a night off and tried to make steak for dinner but burnt his hands in the process.
      • His mother's mother and her husband came over for dinner this evening, and we had salad, steak, and vegetable on the patio.
      • Your steak was part of an animal that was mooing not long ago!
      • For mains we ordered the rib-eye steak, the pork tenderloin and the fish of the day.
      • The first thing I did when I got back home to Glasgow was to cook myself a huge plate of steak and chips.
      • And then went back, almost immediately, for steak and chips at four in the afternoon.
      • It's a wonderful recipe of pork, venison, steak, kielbasa sausage and sauerkraut.

  • 2Britanico

    (cut for braising, stewing)
    carne para guisar femenino
    carne para estofar femenino
    before noun steak and kidney pie pastel de carne y riñones masculino
    • By choosing cuts for slow cooking, such as braising steak, you can buy organic beef for as little as £8.29 per kilo.
    • That means £14 gets me everything I need for a week: chicken, mince, stewing steak.
    • Among the English classics will be steak and kidney pudding, lamb chump chops, topside of beef, bangers and mash, and fish, chips and peas.
    • Tea was moving on apace, from steak pie to pudding.
    • The first dribble down the chin of scalding gravy from the Parkhead steak pie.
    • The hours he worked each day to scrape the money for the health insurance, was it all going into video players and braised steak for dinner?
    • Neither words nor time are wasted as pannikins of tea are drunk and braised steak is eaten.
    • I bought Marmite and lemon curd, cream crackers and gentleman's relish, steak and kidney pies and Worcestershire sauce.
    • A belly full of steak pie had dulled my senses so my score wasn't as impressive as Darrens.
    • My daughters prefer other foods to shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pudding or vegetable stew.
    • Nights out with soup and steak pie, a fair amount of illicit alcohol and a night's dancing for 13 pence a head.
    • In the evening, though, I enjoy cooking our main meal, usually French dishes, with the occasional steak and kidney pie, curry or paella.
    • The menu reflects the western theme, leaning toward steaks and ribs - no steak and kidney pie or bangers and mash here.
    • After all, why shouldn't the nation that brought us cordon bleu go wild for Welsh rarebit, steak and kidney pudding or a well-boiled egg?
    • Simply done British food such as cottage pie, steak and kidney pie, corned beef hash, sausage, egg, chips and tomatoes and caviar.
    • This left one alternative to choose from, steak and kidney pie.
    • The steak and kidney pie was another solid item with lots of English gravy and considered to be good value.
    • We began with soup, chicken for Madame and steak and kidney for me.
    • Huge tea: soup, steak pie, potatoes, apple crumble and custard, washed down with a bottle of black sheep ale.
    • Do you know where to lay your teeth on the finest steak pie in the whole of Yorkshire pubdom?
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    (of ham) rodaja femenino
    (of fish) filete masculino