Traducción de stealth en Español:


sigilo, n.

Pronunciación /stɛlθ//stɛlθ/


  • 1

    sigilo masculino
    (before noun) furtivo
    (before noun) invisible
    (before noun) indetectable
    by stealth furtivamente
    • These objectives, in the hands of the present Government, will almost inevitably impact on the activities of individuals and groups through regulation by stealth.
    • The proper thing for these people to do is to resign and stand for election, rather than continue attempting to impose their ideological agenda by stealth from within the government.
    • Our feeling is one of powerlessness - and that must sooner or later transform into civil unrest - as it should do when democracy is threatened or simply taken by stealth.
    • Thirty-four years later the issue is being reopened by stealth.
    • If this looks suspiciously like renationalisation by stealth, then at least this represents a positive move, considering the industry's poor record since privatisation.
    • Rather, the commission is likely to pursue consumption taxation by stealth and indirection.
    • I agree, it doesn't necessarily mean much if the money earned is unsubstantial - but it's still commercialisation by stealth.
    • The over riding concern expressed by the elected members was that the County Manager was in effect and by stealth easing them all into retirement.
    • The danger is that the Tralee hospital will be starved of investment and, by implication, be downgraded by stealth over a period of time.
    • He has done this by stealth, by chipping away little by little and creating an Australia in his own image.
    • We must respect property rights in this country, and unfortunately the Resource Management Act is increasingly becoming a vehicle for socialisation by stealth.
    • The Prime Minister has, in fact, carried out a coup d' état by stealth.
    • They also recommend sufficient time for public debate to occur - fundamental change should not occur by stealth.
    • It is legislation by stealth, it is illegitimate, and thankfully it seems to be working less well recently.
    • He admitted that he captured my photo by stealth while I was hosting a chat session.
    • Still, the visual dissimilarity among works and within mediums is offset by a coolly consistent emotional tenor that overtakes the viewer as if by stealth.
    • Surprisingly the fundamental change of Indonesia's government structure has been introduced by stealth.
    • The district's cottage hospitals are being undermined by a policy of closure by stealth, a health watchdog has warned.
    • I do find it dishonest that Harper is pushing this effectively by stealth in this campaign.
    • Now the proliferation of public-private partnerships pushes us further down this track, towards privatisation by stealth.