Traducción de steam bath en Español:

steam bath

baño turco, n.


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    baño turco masculino
    baño de vapor masculino
    • We also added a sauna, a steam bath and double shower, and a sports-equipment storage room.
    • How will the Turkish Baths accommodate Nell Dunn's tale of six women finding companionship from their time together in the local steam baths?
    • The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor plunge pool, and there's also a small fitness centre with a sauna and steam bath, and services on offer range from massage and aromatherapy to hairdressing.
    • It offered steam baths, sauna baths, salt baths, massages and physiotherapy.
    • The happy Finns travel en famille to the local steam baths and cleanse themselves before settling down to a meal of boiled codfish.
    • Hydrotherapy (water treatment) features cold compresses, as well as sitz, spinal, immersion and steam baths.
    • The massage and Ayurveda centre has a steam bath, a Jacuzzi and, most importantly oil massages - all useful in de-stressing and relaxing.
    • No sooner had he thought of the man did he see him walking out of the steam baths from across the datma.
    • Around the Liquidrom is an array of saunas, steam baths and an onsen - a Japanese open-air hot bath.
    • In 200 B.C. India, the steam bath, or ‘swedana’ was developed as part of a purification treatment.
    • To meet our guests needs, we are establishing a spa with gym, sauna and steam bath as well as a squash court.
    • Whaddaya think about that - a hot pool in the winter, steam baths and sauna inside, maybe some meeting rooms to accommodate parties or whatever?
    • Or if you're in the mood to relax, the Hyatt's fitness centre offers Swedish-style saunas, Turkish steam baths, a jacuzzi spa pool and an outdoor heated swimming pool.
    • What is fantastic about this health club is the placement of the sauna, Turkish steam bath, jacuzzi and showers all around the beautifully appointed relaxation room.
    • And also check out the resort's Clay Cabana, with four mud baths, massage treatment rooms, steam baths and a sun deck.
    • Businesses offering massage, steam baths, haircuts and traditional massage are also subject to the 12 midnight closing time.
    • On-site Spa Essencia offers massage, wraps, herbals, steam baths, and aromatherapy; deep relaxation is the goal.
    • However, if this seems a bit too much like hard work, why not try a steam bath or sauna?
    • On the hills by the ski jump, the Log House Corp is building houses for the new rich, twin-garage wooden houses, with elaborate towers and balconies and banya steam baths.
    • Presidents don't use the hotel's immaculate swimming pool, spa, sauna and fitness centre - the suite comes complete with a mini-gym, a steam bath and a sauna.