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steel band


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    banda de percusión típica del Caribe
    • Luckily for Dillon, he lived in a neighborhood that already had its own steel band.
    • As wake-up calls go, that should have been the equivalent of a steel band practising at the end of the bed.
    • Jimmy Finnie is associate professor of music at Indiana State University, where he teaches percussion, percussion ensemble and steel band.
    • A live steel band will help ensure a carnival atmosphere surrounds the walk and, if previous years are anything to go by, scores of participants will be in fancy dress.
    • Chelsfield Village Fair will be held on July 16, with daytime events from noon to 5pm including vintage cars, a steel band and dance groups.
    • Sounds of Steel, a steel band from Hampshire, were a late substitution for a steel band from Bristol.
    • Meanwhile, Radcliffe pounded on, out on her own, oblivious, undistracted even by a steel band playing the theme from Grandstand.
    • Shoppers and visitors to Williams and Griffin in Colchester High Street on Saturday were treated to performances by a steel band and fashion shows as the store held a fundraising beach party.
    • The steel band were excellent and really created the right ambience for it.
    • We are going to have a steel band like last year and we will be trying to get local groups to take part.
    • She created a steel band for children with special needs and it meant so much to them.
    • Pre-school children also performed in their own steel band to mark the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London at the weekend.
    • Everyone is welcome at the event, which features local singers, a steel band, gospel singers, dancers, poem recitals and special guest appearances.
    • A host of entertainment is being planned, including a steel band, fire eaters, stilt walkers and unicyclists.
    • For the children jugglers and clowns drew cheers and applause and the area was filled with the sounds of the Caribbean steel band and Skipton Brass.
    • There's a gospel choir, steel band, the Derbyshire teenage group Forgotten and Loughborough University Tuxedo Swing Orchestra.
    • Accompanied by music from St Michael's Primary School, Welling's steel band and Beths Grammar School's Big Band, she chatted to many of the flag-waving crowds.
    • Jugglers, unicyclists and a steel band also entertained spectators in the Parade Village, one of the best vantage points to see the action.
    • The metal garbage can at the end of the barracks became alive like a steel band, as Sergeant Gonvea banged it with a stick.
    • Innovations would include performances by out-of-town steel bands to promote a new steel band being set up in Keighley.