Traducción de steely en Español:


duro, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstili//ˈstiːli/

adjetivosteelier, steeliest

  • 1

    (tough, determined)
    (expression/gaze) duro
    (determination) férreo
    steely-eyed de mirada dura
    • As if a swirling combination of rage, sympathy, and steely determination made it hard for him to formulate his sentences.
    • That's the kind of steely determination which has become a feature of the side and which will again stand them in good stead on Sunday.
    • James' dark brown eyes were no longer sparkling with happiness and cheer but instead steely and hard.
    • The man famed for his wraparound sunglasses and steely determination was becoming a golfing automaton.
    • City could hardly believe their good fortune but with a priceless lead now to protect their steely determination was galvanised.
    • Louis has a fragile quality combined with a steely determination.
    • Kiv asked her quietly, but in a steely tone of someone who is determined to achieve their goal.
    • Yet beneath this sweet exterior I suspect there's a core of steely determination.
    • Every word was jacketed with a steely promise and the hard in his eye was more than even the old man cared to face.
    • Despite the years of torment, she has a steely determination to see justice done for her beloved daughter, and she is not going to give up now.
    • Mrs Tutty put her aunt's old age down to her steely determination.
    • With Friday's League clash at Carlisle looming large, City chief Dolan is looking for steely determination to pull York out of a rut.
    • But steely determination saw him back in training at the end of February.
    • I saw the determined, steely eyes of a man with something to prove, in fact everything to prove.
    • Every candidate has displayed a steely determination to succeed.
    • They played with invention and verve allied to common sense and steely determination on Saturday evening.
    • Then there is the generously-proportioned nose and, of course, the determined chin and steely blue gaze.
    • Dudley played with a steely determination, still believing a win could keep alive their desperate relegation struggle.
    • Don't doubt this steely determined and highly skilful County Manager for even one fleeting moment.
    • The home duo were two behind with five holes to play, but showed steely determination to edge back into the contest.
  • 2

    (like steel)
    (appearance/material) acerado
    steely blue azul acero / acerado masculino
    • steely gray gris acero / acerado
    • The hair used to conform to the colour code but it has broken out in steely grey.
    • They saw the potential in those steely blue eyes and asked her to join them.
    • The color is steely blue gray, as if all the red and yellow was rinsed from the negative.
    • He had steely blue eyes and almost perfect tanned skin.
    • Her mouth was pursed and her steely blue eyes registered every change in the ocean current.
    • The Bay of Naples curled around a steely blue sea; in the distance was the hazy shape of Capri.
    • The Hong Kong of the movie is full of deep blues and steely greys, a dirty jewel on the water.
    • They started gabbling in some foreign eastern European tongue and shot me intermittent daggers from their steely blue eyes.
    • The magnificent January King has steely blue leaves and a tight head tinged with mauve.
    • Still, his steely blue eyes did have a certain menace about them.
    • Few fish can be mistaken for the steely grey bullish looking bass.
    • Carrie turned to me with an expectant look on her face, her steely blue eyes looking directly at me.
    • The warm water moray eel is also caught from time to time, although this is a mottled fish with a pointed face, very different from the steely grey of the conger.
    • I love it for its leaves, a steely grey blue warmed with a blush of burgundy.
    • Original tinning is steely grey in colour and if it is in good condition, it counts as a plus point when considering the value of the item.
    • His intense gaze was directed at her, steely blue orbs engaging her brown.
    • Her anger flared, fueled by an injured heart eyes turning steely gray blue.
    • A few rays of sunlight fell on the island, but most of it was dim and the water was a steely blue.
    • Her eyes were a sharp, steely blue and her black hair was usually tied back into a severe bun.
    • The steely blue is another dark lure colour, something like the black or the reds, which have always been top catchers.