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steering wheel

volante, n.


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    • In addition to instrument panels, magnesium has been used in intake manifolds, valve covers, seat frames, steering wheels, door frames.
    • If you offer gear shift knobs, steering wheels and other interior components in a variety of colors, you have to have the parts available in all the colors to make repairs.
    • Staphylococcus - a germ species most commonly associated with nose-picking - was found in abundance on steering wheels and driver's seats.
    • The study states that motorists sitting on cushions face an increased danger because they position drivers nearer to steering wheels and airbags.
    • Some of the most popular accessories for BMW's are wheels, stereos and interior accessories such as steering wheels and gearshift covers.
    • This culminates in a hairpin taken in first gear with the steering wheel virtually at full lock.
    • In a rollover crash, or any other type of accident, seats, airbags, belts, and even steering wheels and interior panels would react to optimize the cabin environment for safety, minimizing injury to the occupants.
    • I've seen people put on racing steering wheels on their four wheel drives, I've seen them put on 50 and 45 series tyres, and I've even seen them put on air dams and side skirts!
    • Traffic flows in the right-hand lane of the roads, though these days most vehicles have steering wheels for left-side driving.
    • It's a van, so you have to give the gearstick some elbow and work with the steering wheel a bit.
    • I was faced with a continuous flow of traffic, bumper to bumper, with grim-faced drivers gripping their steering wheels and, most of them, refusing to give an inch so I could pull out.
    • According to Davies, items which get stolen from council vehicles include jacks, rims, tyres, seats, engine parts, steering wheels, number plates, petrol caps and warning triangles.
    • I remember when child safety seats were chrome and padded plastic, with little steering wheels and kiddy horns, before safety regulations dictated the way kids ride in cars today.
    • In the Queenstown area, drivers were caught for overloading taxis and displaying incorrect number plates or defective wheels, brakes and steering wheels.
    • I think you'll find that cars with toe out on the front steering wheels are front wheel drive also and the dynamics are quite complex.
    • I wondered what the drivers were thinking of, arched over their steering wheels, nose-to-tail in the rush hour jam.
    • The small steering wheel has loads of adjustment and the whole pedal box moves back and forward via an electric motor.
    • We had a problem in the car with the hydraulic system and I was not using the gear-shift on the steering wheel.
    • While the steering wheels not the most expensive or even the most technologically advanced feature on the Allroad it is certainly one of the most useful on days like this.
    • Heads-up displays, audible messages and vibrating seats and steering wheels have all been researched, but no clear winner has emerged.
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