Traducción de stegosaur en Español:


estegosaurio, n.


Pronunciación /ˈstɛɡəˌsɔr//ˈstɛɡəsɔː/


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    estegosaurio masculino
    • Meanwhile, the much smaller ornithischian dinosaurs - the ornithopods and stegosaurs - browsed on the undergrowth.
    • A new study of the finlike plates that lined the backs of the Jurassic-period plant-eaters known as stegosaurs suggests that the plates served a rather simple purpose: dinosaur I.D.
    • Other highlights will include the awesome Velociraptor - made infamous by the film Jurassic Park, one of the world's oldest stegosaurs, and a child-sized, parrot-beaked dinosaur.
    • Coupled with the lack of evidence for sexual dimorphism, we conclude that the simplest explanation of the diversity of plate patterns in stegosaurs is species recognition, a function also noted by Carpenter.
    • Dr William Atherstone and Andrew Geddes Bain discovered the first cretaceous stegosaur in the Bushman's River Valley.
    • They snaked with the contours, curling and buckling, even twisting vertically in places and splaying like the back plates of a stegosaur.
    • The thyreophorans are the armored ornithischians: the stegosaurs and ankylosaurs.
    • Museum visitors eager to walk with the dinosaurs can also see stegosaurus, which brandishes a long swinging tail studded with sharp spikes but has a brain the size of a walnut.
    • Birds are highly dimorphic sexually, and imprinting is important; however, stegosaurs (like other dinosaurs) do not appear to be highly dimorphic sexually, and the role of imprinting in dinosaurs cannot be assessed.
    • He's warm-blooded, or at least warm-bodied, has the wings of a bat, the tail of a stegosaurs, the spikes of a relative of a stegosaurus, the sail of a spinosaurus, and the shield of a triceratops.
    • The small stegosaur Kentrosaurus closely resembles primitive European and Chinese forms, but is quite unlike the large and advanced American Stegosaurus.
    • Other dinosaurs lacked them, and the forms of plates and spikes vary among stegosaurs without respect to body size.
    • A mathematical analysis of a fossil stegosaur's bones leaves little doubt that the creature's spike-studded tail was an effective defense against predators.
    • Such canals are often ringed internally by lamellar bone, as in stegosaurs.
    • Whether it's horned dinosaurs, crested duck-billed dinosaurs, plated stegosaurs, or dome-headed dinosaurs, paleontologists identify different species largely by these bizarre structures.
    • Although, as for stegosaurs, we have no independent evidence of mate competition, we can use the features of their plates to identify species.
    • The neighbouring Museum of Natural History has the third-largest dinosaur collection in the world, including skeletons of tyrannosaurus rex, diplodocus and stegosaurus.
    • However, this would not be as effective in stegosaurs that had smaller plates, some plates and some spikes, or all spikes.
    • Other herbivorous dinosaurs of the Jurassic included the plated stegosaurs.
    • Originally thought to have been a form of armour-plating, the plates of advanced stegosaurs were, as can be seen here, actually quite thin and full of holes for the accommodation of blood vessels.