Traducción de stemware en Español:


cristalería, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛmˌwɛr//ˈstɛmwɛː/



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    cristalería femenino
    • As for the wine glasses, we live near dozens of restaurants, some world-class, which means their stemware is as thin as their wine lists are thick.
    • I've seen him stack glass stemware pyramid-style on his head and dance around the café.
    • When you design a back bar with mirrors and glass shelving for stemware, and then light it properly, this becomes as beautiful as a crystal chandelier.
    • Learn to tie fanciful bows or just tie a simple bow to the backs of dining chairs, around stemware or around your silverware.
    • But tumblers take the place of stemware and requests for ice buckets are cheerfully denied.
    • Its Burgundy Grand Cru glass is the only stemware that resides permanently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
    • Pascal is hopeful, steadfast on optimizing the gastronomic experience with the right tools: the cheese cart being one, proper stemware another.
    • Some people judge a restaurant by its stemware.
    • The line of stemware and tumblers feature a unique magnesium-based crystal that the company says eliminates the trade-off between clarity and durability in this product category.
    • The bar area is large by restaurant standards displaying copious wine storage and racks of marginally clean stemware.
    • Actually I have made arrangements to deliver our china, stemware, flatware and linens the night before.
    • Due to its stronger structure, crystal stemware can be made thinner than glass and hence contribute to the overall tasting.
    • Nor is the point of etiquette to impress your guests with how much you know and they don't about, say, wines or stemware or snail eating.
    • He removes the china, silverware, good stemware, strips the table of the linen cloth and the napkin and then slams the aggrieved bottle on the table.
    • Exposing DNA to radiation is like hitting a fine piece of crystal stemware with a hammer.
    • But that stemware doesn't demand such exorbitant markups.
    • Whomever loses the flip has to put aside roughly 45 minutes of time when calling for simple information like choice of stemware.
    • Combine new and vintage candy dishes, stemware, stacked cake platters, bowls, and drink glasses in an arrangement of varying heights.
    • The tables are covered with brown butcher paper; the silver-tipped lightbulbs are bare; and everything is artfully mismatched, from seats to stemware.
    • The cost was about $36 for eight decorated glasses, including stemware.