Traducción de stencil en Español:


plantilla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛnsəl//ˈstɛns(ə)l/


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    (for lettering, decoration)
    plantilla femenino
    troquel masculino
    • I would take the time to make a good set of letter stencils out of transparency film and then use acrylic paint with textile medium to paint the shirts.
    • The plates were placed on a roof with stencils covering the positive areas of the portrait.
    • I cut out a paper stencil and sprayed through it onto the chairs.
    • Tactics these groups use include spray-painting stencils on pavements, altering billboards and displaying posters and stickers in public places.
    • The assumed permanence of a print is in this context also eroded - the stencils are often painted over by concerned city councils within days and sometimes hours.
    • Judging by the consistency of their designs, the quilts imitating fashionable appliquéd patterns may have been painted using professionally cut stencils, which were available after 1835.
    • Position the border and design stencils shiny-side-down on the fabric.
    • Carefully remove the stencil and wipe off the excess wet paint with a rag.
    • Women purchased metal stencils with their names cut in, and used them for writing their names on household linens and clothing or other needlework and they also used them to sign their quilt blocks.
    • I would recommend looking at what ready-made stencils there are before deciding whether or not to use them.
    • Some of them are shelters like this major one with drawings and stencils.
    • Lay a tablecloth on a flat surface and place the stencils, securing them with a bit of tape.
    • It just takes a little glass paint and a stencil or template.
    • Smack dab in the middle of the canvas, an enormous silhouetted hen sits contentedly on her nest, framed by a field of radiant orange-on-orange floral stencils over a hot-pink background.
    • Many paint and craft stores sell pre-cut, reusable plastic stencils in a variety of patterns, such as leaves, ivy, flowers, etc.
    • When painting with a stencil cut out use a short bristled brush and with a dabbing motion apply your paint.
    • Simply place the stencil in the desired location on the wall and hold it in place with masking tape.
    • Matt had made the design, a friend hit on the idea of using stencils and spray paint, and the crew started tagging.
    • If stains are placed afterward, stencils should be left in place until after the staining process is complete.
    • Recently, this has found me making stencils, which, like lithographs, are quick, effective, and actually available for masses of people to see.
    • Pencil on your design or alternatively use a stencil to trace the outline of your design.
    • The resulting paintings based on the stencil were popular and sold well to tourists.
    • In subsequent works, he created permutating, off-centered grids with spray paint applied through stencils.
    • I agree with your comments about the impact of television, but certainly there's still a place for the static graphic, whether it's a poster, or a stencil sprayed on a sidewalk.
    • Use your own imagination or buy a ready-made stencil.
    • He encouraged others to join in, with stickers, spray-paint stencils, and wheat-pasted posters.
    • Or use border tiles to define a panel or tiled splashback, and then echo the motif as a stencil along the bottom edge of your table linen or roller blinds.
    • Other campaigners spray painted carefully designed stencils on pavements.
    • Allow to dry, then remove the stencil to reveal the picture.
    • The walls were dark blue with painted star stencils all over the walls.
    • Any idiot with spray paint and a stencil can put a name on a ship.
    • Paint the walls blue, and then paint grass growing above the baseboard, and use stencils and white paint for clouds.
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    (for duplicating)
    stencil masculino
    matriz femenino
    cliché masculino España
    ciclostil masculino España
    to cut a stencil hacer / picar un stencil (or una matriz etc.)

verbo transitivostencilled, stencilling, stenciling, stenciled

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    (design/pattern) escribir, dibujar o pintar utilizando una plantilla
    • You can even add a stenciled cut-out design around the edge of the box.
    • But the chimney receives a fresh coat of beige paint each year with the name stenciled out in giant black letters.
    • I've never been arrested for stenciling political messages on footpaths.
    • The name and registration number of the ship were stenciled near the nose, and a large, idealized picture of a flaming bird in dark reds and oranges wrapped around the forward fuselage.
    • Labour has assiduously made capital from that little nugget ever since, even stencilling the phrase on its campaign cars to remind people.
    • They stenciled the images onto various public places, like the telephone box pictured above.
    • A very few quilts actually contain stenciled or embroidered designs along with the pieced or appliqué work.
    • The words State 51 had been stencilled on the gate.
    • The idea spread, and by now anonymous participants have stenciled the phrase in over 20 cities, he says.
    • She might be guilty of trying to make you stencil sunflowers onto your kitchen walls, but that is not a crime.
    • Last week, he stencilled nine images onto the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier in Israel.
    • He had spent the day stenciling tiny Christmas trees along the border of the sign.
    • This guy spent three weeks with a pencil, stenciling a piece on the mural wall.
    • His words, in old-fashioned Ottoman Turkish, are stencilled on the wall.
    • They had printed in white stenciled letters their message on the inside of the leaf… which is silly because leaves fall with the outside upwards, so all the messages were obscured but one.
    • The dots in the background were stencilled in with each one being done by hand.
    • The pair also stenciled a set of unsigned prose ‘poems’ on various walls throughout the exhibition.
    • Cover the albums with pretty fabric or lace and stencil the recipient's initials on the front to personalize it.
    • Shapes are stencilled onto coloured papers to make cut-outs, and onto photos, for cropping them into interesting shapes.
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    (letter/notes) mimeografiar
    (notes/letter) multicopiar
    (letter/notes) multigrafiar Venezuela