Traducción de stereo en Español:


estéreo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛrioʊ//ˈstɪərɪəʊ//ˈstɛrɪəʊ/

nombrePlural stereos

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    estéreo masculino
    equipo masculino
    equipo estereofónico masculino
    equipo estéreo masculino
    • To demonstrate this point, simply listen to your stereo.
    • Add in televisions, CD stereos and DVD players and the total replacement bill could easily top £2,000.
    • Suddenly, they heard music playing from the stereo in the living room.
    • In fact, more and more manufacturers of personal stereos are opting for rechargeable batteries, although it's ridiculous.
    • Matt cranked his stereo so I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink and it worked.
    • When you steal my car stereo, I can no longer enjoy it.
    • So police and environmental health officers this week raided his home and seized his TV, stereo and all sound equipment.
    • During the bus ride, they would scream at the bus driver and play their portable stereo.
    • For example, don't buy a new stereo when you're in a euphoric mood.
    • You would also think that making it legal to steal car stereos would maximize the amount of theft.
    • He nodded his head to the beat of the music blasting from the surround sound stereo equipment in the corner.
    • At the opposite end on the same floor we found a game room which contained a pool table and ping-pong, as well as a bar and surround sound stereo.
    • He went over to the stereo in the room and put in a cd.
    • I blast the stereo, crack open a fresh can of paint and transform a room.
    • Portable stereos were blasting and beers being downed as people milled around watching the artists at work.
    • His booming stereo masked any sound of my presence.
    • Greg only laughed and got out of the pool to turn the stereo on.
    • I reached over and turned my stereo on and instantly knew the song playing.
    • The next morning I woke to the sound of my stereo blaring rock music.
    • Then she muted the sound on her stereo and smiled.
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    estéreo masculino
    in stereo en estéreo
    • The sound is stereo for the narration, but the clips appear to be mainly mono as originally recorded.
    • That fine picture may also be accompanied by stunning surround-sound stereo.
    • The sound mix is stereo, and suitably fine given the lack of anything other than French dialogue and rustling fabric.
    • The sound is stereo, and is a bit bass-heavy and muddy, but dialogue is easily heard.
    • Sound is early stereo - okay, but nothing to write home about.
    • The sound is just stereo, but it has clear dialogue and well-mixed music.
    • More recently the film has been remixed in digital stereo.
    • This is a terrific sound mix that makes good use of the multichannel sound that stereo offers.
    • My player detected the surround track as mere stereo.
    • Sound is in stereo, but that doesn't matter because nothing loud ever happens.
    • "Of course we'll do them in hi-fi stereo," he said.
    • The sound is only in stereo, but it has been well designed and features good separation.
    • The sound is in stereo, but we're not talking about anything that will push your system to its limits.
    • The sounds are in stereo when gamers plug in a pair of headphones.
    • Audio is unimpressive stereo, sounding a bit muffled and hollow.
    • The reproduction of sound first started with the use of a single speaker before progressing to stereo.


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    (invariable adjective) estéreo