Traducción de stereomicroscope en Español:


estereomicroscopio, n.

Pronunciación /ˌstɛrɪəʊˈmʌɪkrəskəʊp//ˌstɪərɪəʊˈmʌɪkrəskəʊp//ˌstɛrioʊˈmaɪkrəˌskoʊp/


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    estereomicroscopio masculino
    • The root systems were observed under a stereomicroscope, and the numbers of infected and uninfected short roots counted.
    • A stereomicroscope may be available in many laboratories, and the advantage of its use is that slides can be placed on the flat stage with backlight and movements under the objectives are not inverted.
    • Morphological features of fresh flowers were recorded using a binocular stereomicroscope with a camera lucida attachment.
    • The viability was visually evaluated by checking membrane integrity using a phase-contrast stereomicroscope.
    • The floral morphology was analysed using a stereomicroscope with camera lucida from flowers fixed in 70% alcohol.
    • A stereomicroscope and a compound light microscope were used to work out the density and to examine the morphology, sizes and genders of the gametophytes.
    • The numbers of cataphylls (scaly leaves) and embryonic green leaves of each bud were recorded after manual dissection under a stereomicroscope.
    • The number of living and dead larvae, lesions (areas with dead cells), and young galls were counted under a stereomicroscope.
    • The oocyte sits on the microscope stage and is visualized for electrophysiology by a separate stereomicroscope.
    • Germination was also assayed after removal of the seed coat under a stereomicroscope by scratching the seeds carefully with two needles.
    • Male flowers also have six stamens, but the style is hardly observable at simple sight (absolutely atrophied or absent), and when observed with the stereomicroscope no ovules are developed in their ovaries.
    • After decapping, the cap junction was checked under a stereomicroscope, and roots whose cap had come off cleanly were used for further experimentation.
    • The capillary is mounted on a micromanipulator and the operation is viewed under a stereomicroscope.
    • The cleaning should be done under a stereomicroscope to permit controllable cleaning of the details and to avoid damage to the surface of the mold of the exterior.
    • Fungal spores were removed from the soil matrix for identification using tweezers under a stereomicroscope.
    • Ovaries were placed in chamber slides and photographed through a stereomicroscope.
    • Crusts removed by scraping were preserved and examined for presence of reproductive structures under a stereomicroscope.
    • Leaf vernation was observed in at least ten buds per entity, manually dissected under a stereomicroscope.
    • Cross-sections of mature green vanilla beans were obtained using a razor blade under a stereomicroscope.
    • Glands were visualized under a stereomicroscope.