Traducción de stereophonic en Español:


estereofónico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌstɛriəˈfɑnɪk//ˌstɪərɪə(ʊ)ˈfɒnɪk//ˌstɛrɪə(ʊ)ˈfɒnɪk/



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    • He is the creator of the 10-stringed stereophonic double violin.
    • Not necessarily, since stereophonic sound in 1935 was nothing more than a dream.
    • During all sessions, participants wore stereophonic headphones providing either the control or the experimental recording.
    • Steps are also being taken to make the broadcast stereophonic.
    • In fact, at first I thought it might be stereophonic.
    • A rush of new productions from the late 1960s responded to the introduction of stereophonic effects.
    • More realistic, spatial sounds can be provided using binaural, stereophonic technology.
    • And you had to make room for dozens of stereophonic sound speakers all over the theater.
    • Back in the 1960s, a hi-fi system with stereophonic capability was all that people needed to enjoy music.
    • When widescreen films were introduced, stereophonic sound also became a selling point.
    • The third stage is where are these tracks are mixed together, the end result being a digital stereophonic master track.
    • We Are All Beautiful People sees the group thinking somewhat bigger, in full stereophonic splendour.
    • This is not only a serious challenge for every individual member, but it has proven an exciting formation, creating a stereophonic voice sound in their stage presentations.
    • He gave me a long lecture about the absurdity of somebody claiming an interest in serious music who didn't own a stereophonic gramophone.
    • Chaplin made no secret of his disdain for stereophonic sound.
    • One is the stereophonic sound - still primitive, but an improvement over 1952.
    • The original video release boasted of a stereophonic audio track.
    • This tape can be played on monaural or stereophonic equipment.
    • One of these techniques employs coincident microphones to create a stereophonic pickup based entirely on the intensity differences generated between a pair of microphones as the soundwave passes by.
    • I'd heard an MP3 or two before, but it just didn't match the true stereophonic majesty of the real thing.