Traducción de stereoscope en Español:


estereoscopio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛriəˌskoʊp//ˈstɪərɪə(ʊ)skəʊp//ˈstɛrɪə(ʊ)skəʊp/


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    estereoscopio masculino
    • The anthers were dissected from the buds under a stereoscope.
    • Each flower was dissected with the aid of a stereoscope and length of individual parts (sepals, petals, anthers, filaments, styles, and ovaries) was measured to the nearest 0.1 mm using an ocular reticle.
    • The popular audience enjoyed posed scenes, serious and comic, mass produced for the stereoscope and for magic lantern projection.
    • This is made possible through the use of a device called a stereoscope.
    • ‘I saw the dog you had when you were kids,’ I say, setting up a TV tray table beside Natalie's bed to hold the stereoscope and card box.
    • That the two images, which are perceived as synthesized, are in fact separate entities was made palpable to a wider audience by Wheatstone's invention of the hugely popular stereoscope.
    • But if you don't have a stereoscope, an alternative way of seeing the 3D effect is to look at the two images side-by-side, then cross your eyes until the pictures superimpose.
    • Back around the turn of the last century, stereoscopes were a hot ticket item.
    • Using 35-millimeter film, the camera produced high quality pairs of images that could be viewed in hand-held illuminated stereoscopes or projected using polarizing filters.
    • I had a darkroom at home, and later that night I made eight-by-tens of these two, and I had pinched a stereoscope from work.
    • If you take a photo of a person sitting quite still and then move the camera about three inches to one side and take another photo, when you look at he photos placed side by side through a stereoscope, the person appears to stand out.
    • Her photos are viewed through an old stereoscope, which creates wonderful visual illusions.
    • My daughter, herself a doctor, now has perfectly aligned eyes, but cannot use a stereo microscope, or fuse images into 3D in an old-fashioned stereoscope.
    • Among these tools is a large-format mammoth plate camera that was used to capture expansive landscapes and a hand-held stereoscope, which was used to view stereographs, or pairs of images.
    • But in fact, looping media dates back to the days of revolving stereoscopes and other mechanized Victorian amusements first employed as laboratory tools.