Traducción de stereotype en Español:


estereotipo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛriəˌtaɪp//ˈstɪərɪə(ʊ)tʌɪp//ˈstɛrɪə(ʊ)tʌɪp/


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    (fixed idea, image)
    estereotipo masculino
    • There are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding feminism and feminists.
    • They also stressed the need to promote a positive approach to ageing and overcome the negative stereotypes associated with it.
    • A person in this stage also participates in transforming racial and cultural stereotypes, biases, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.
    • His stories have been heralded as great folk storytelling and lambasted as perpetuating racial stereotypes.
    • But the tired old stereotype is now under pressure.
    • Done badly, they can reinforce racial stereotypes and increase the prejudices they were designed to reduce.
    • Americans' attitudes towards the elderly still fit the traditional stereotypes.
    • Here was a man who fit our stereotypes of the nice American.
    • They're employing people and creating commerce, and they're dispelling old stereotypes about gay business owners.
    • Editors had a growing body of feminist literature on which to draw, but stereotypes persisted.
    • I think it transcends the ideas, stereotypes and societal expectations of what it means to be a man or a woman.
    • This suggests that negative stereotypes are not widely held or are at least cloaked in external civility.
    • Her work examines notions of racial identity and cultural stereotypes.
    • It's a stretch, but maybe the editors are showing the interplay between racial and sexual stereotypes.
    • Sex workers who appeared as guests on the shows also made statements that defied the usual stereotypes associated with prostitution.
    • They only serve to reinforce society's stereotypes of who we are.
    • I had found from talking to Lara yesterday that she really didn't fit the regular stereotype of most women.
    • Gender stereotypes were challenged in a variety of ways.
    • Because of this, it is crucial that research continues in this area so that racial myths, stereotypes and prejudice within New Zealand can be exposed and understood.
    • When racial and sexual stereotypes are mixed in, personal fear becomes public hysteria.
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      estereotipia femenino

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      estereotipo masculino
      matriz femenino
      cliché masculino España
      clisé masculino España

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    (person) estereotipar
    he created a style and was stereotyped by it creó un estilo que lo encasilló
    • Leaving aside the gender stereotyping, isn't this more than a bit ridiculous?
    • The more stereotyped British character was showcased later on in the show.
    • I had a very stereotyped view of others as seen on television and in books.
    • He would appear in about 30 movies through the late 1950s, always playing the same forgettable, stereotyped character.
    • I just thought they were ordinary people who were easily stereotyped as lovers of musical theater.
    • Carl and I talked for at least an hour about his new show and how his character was stereotyped as a rather boring nerd accountant.
    • Your writing was repetitive and clumsy and bigoted, your villains were stereotyped, your characters all wooden, but so what?
    • In political science, Italy is often stereotyped as a nation of widespread corruption.
    • In addition, we hypothesized that gender differences would be consistent with gender stereotyping.
    • The homeless are often stereotyped as being tramps or junkies who litter shop doorways.
    • Some of those beliefs stereotype gay men as sexual predators and long-term relationship failures.
    • Even the four American characters are hugely stereotyped and stolen from all of the other teen movies.
    • Do you feel you have been unfairly stereotyped by the press?
    • This is because those who write them may, often inadvertently, include material that has the unintended effect of reinforcing stereotyped views of offenders and their families.
    • People just do not understand the issues, or have stereotyped views of how a lesbian or gay man behaves and use it as a basis to criticise their lifestyle.
    • The film limits its potential for critical analysis in this way, but it does so without reinforcing unequal power structures or stereotyping its characters.
    • Forget tension and suspense, stereotype the characters and make them behave obviously to a script we've seen many times before.
    • The nine issues raised here point to the fact that overly simplified and stereotyped views of Africa still prevail.
    • Isn't this a rather stereotyped view of the environment, Mr. President?
    • And too many men have been unfairly stereotyped and falsely accused.
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