Traducción de steroid en Español:


esteroide, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɛrˌɔɪd//ˈstɪrˌɔɪd//ˈstɪərɔɪd//ˈstɛrɔɪd/


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    esteroide masculino
    • Vitamin D is a steroid produced in the skin through a reaction between cholesterol and sunlight.
    • It is an important part of a healthy body, being a building block for steroids such as the sex hormones, and the hormones of the adrenal cortex.
    • Little is known about the steroids associated with these structures in hagfish.
    • One of the steroids it produces is cortisol, which increases the supply of glucose in the blood.
    • So far, all the sex pheromones found in fish have turned out to be steroids and prostaglandins.