Traducción de steward en Español:


camarero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstjuːəd//ˈst(j)uərd/


  • 1

    (on ship) camarero masculino
    (on plane) auxiliar de vuelo masculino
    (on plane) aeromozo masculino América Latina
    • Well, if yes, then you might just be a prospective air hostess or a flight steward.
    • And then there were the night stewards, usually an older steward who had spent his entire career with the ship line.
    • Arriving passengers greet their cabin stewards and table waiters like long-lost family friends with smiling handshakes, hugs and much backslapping.
    • When I disembarked on my last cruise in December, I ran into the young man who had been our dining-room steward on the ship.
    • The former ship's steward even got a chance to pilot a canal boat.
    • Next the dining steward made our reservation for dinner.
    • The first-class passengers had padded seats and a steward to serve them.
    • Most of them were relegated to rear echelon positions or they were stewards on the boats or on the ships.
    • Shortly after Hammond, the dining car steward came by to make dinner reservations.
    • His father, a flight steward, held a light-aircraft pilot's licence and would take his son flying with him.
    • Dave works as a cabin crew air steward, but is hoping for a career as a commercial airline pilot.
    • We watched the passengers disembark, then asked the steward for shore passes.
    • I am happy to report that I wore the button, and that neither their passengers, cabin stewards, nor pilots were hysterical.
    • The dining car steward soon came by taking dinner reservations.
    • Also, when I tried to retrieve my bag stored above the passengers seat, I was helped by a gentleman not by a steward or stewardess who just stood staring.
    • But as the pair were returning to York, a steward on the train asked them if they would wait for all other passengers to leave first.
    • According to a Maritime Union spokesman, the company should provide an extra steward once passenger numbers pass 500 but it has a history of leaving the ships short-handed.
    • He asks the air steward for a coffee.
    • Instead, a steward will collect your cases once the ship has docked and will even help you pack.
    • The Filipino cabin steward arrived with afternoon tea and dinner menus.
  • 2

    • 2.1(manager)

      (of estate) administrador masculino
      (of estate) administradora femenino
      (of club) director administrativo masculino
      (of club) directora administrativa femenino
      • Members may know that under the manorial system, the bailiff, the steward, and the reeve were important officers.
      • The steward of his household sent messengers ahead to take word to the Ethiopian soldiers waiting in Nabatea for their sovereign to join him.
      • Domestic staff, including stewards and ladies in waiting who attended to the Queen Mother, will be given a special sneak preview of the restored 19th-century residence.
      • He became a steward in the merchant navy, and was a trade union activist.
      • Landowners protected their interests by studying land law at the Inns of Court and by appointing qualified stewards to manage estates effectively.
      • He lived in the steward's house and owned most of the estate at Annaghmakerrig.
      • She is an active member of the Guides Association, which she joined as a Guide Leader in 1985, and is a volunteer steward at Harewood House.
      • But, in this case, it turns out Stewart is a good steward of her property.
      • Liset keeps accounts for two estates and two stewards.
      • Anyone interested in history could also help the Trust with its research into the many aspects of the property and there is always the opportunity to train as a house steward.
      • If you can't get a rag out of somebody's garbage, the steward of any estate will give you something to cover your nakedness.
      • But it was when she retired that her ardour for history emerged, she joined the Richmond Society and began working as a steward at Ham House.
      • If you were doing a light-hearted story about the lot of a property steward, and wanted to convey a bit of spontaneity, forget it.
      • The steward and farm manager are nominated and voted into office by adult colony members.
      • In fact, being steward of these properties is a huge financial liability.
      • The club steward ushered those left in the club down into the cellar.
      • The house steward, Donald, picked up her baggage from rear of the carriage.
      • She is a steward aboard the ship that had been stationed off the coast of Iraq since early this year.
      • A good steward manages his owner's property well.
      • They do not have the vote when it comes to election of colony leaders such as minister, steward and farm manager.
      • When he arrived, the large room was filled with people, ranging from the cook and the steward to the engineer and the linguist.
      • In medieval Poland, Jewish estate stewards were often seen by the peasants as their direct exploiters rather than as the representatives of the feudal lords they really were.
      • More than 150 are trained house managers and stewards.
      • Down on the lawn, she excused herself from the others and walked toward the tree that shaded her father and the steward.

    • 2.2British

      (in horse-racing) comisario (de carreras) masculino
      (in horse-racing) comisaria (de carreras) femenino
      (in athletics) juez masculino
      • Each block elected a steward to make sure people knew what was going on.
      • We have very highly trained stewards, head stewards and safety officers, very many of whom are from a policing background.
      • Stewards had ruled that there was a causal link between the drug and the fatal breakdown.
      • Some of them even approached the stewards to demand a recount but the stewards aren't a very forgiving bunch.
      • Track officials ordered the evacuation of a crowd of about 1,500 in the grandstand and, with two minutes to post time, the stewards ordered the third race cancelled.
      • The stewards inquired into the performance of Grafton Style, which finished 11th in this contest.
      • It was the second time in just over three months that appeal stewards have overturned the findings of stipendiary stewards.
      • They use a lot of stewards - there is a steward on every entrance down to the concourses.
      • When we attempted to train the stewards in the principles of popular education, we learned how hard it is for people who have been organizing for years to think of themselves as educators.
      • The cost of hiring four police officers and 15 trained stewards is expected to cost the group more than £1,000.
      • Stewards suspended him for three months for failing to report the issue.
      • Tony's talents are not alone utilised for big games but he is a voluntary steward for club games all the year round.
      • The company which supplies the stewards has also apologised for the manner in which people were asked to leave.
      • Following an inquiry, stewards disqualified him from both races and redistributed his purse earnings earlier this year.
      • Then he is seen to be stepping back into the crowd, two or three deep, and is then seen pushing at club stewards.
      • The centres have committees specialising in different forms of motor cycle sport and accredited stewards trained to consider race organisation, including the safety of riders and spectators.
      • The club needs stewards to work at Palace home games.
      • Meanwhile the union is training 250 union stewards to provide counseling and help in directing laid-off workers to aid agencies.
      • The stewards ruled that the race had been used as a schooling ground.
      • The stewards inquired into some close riding between the first pair on the run from the last.

    • 2.3British (at public gatherings)

      persona encargada de supervisar al público en manifestaciones, eventos deportivos etc

  • 3shop steward

    representante sindical masculino
    enlace sindical masculino España