Hay 2 traducciones principales de stick en Español

: stick1stick2


palo, n.

Pronunciación /stɪk//stɪk/


  • 1

    (of wood)
    palo masculino
    vara femenino
    (twig) ramita femenino
    (for fire) astilla femenino
    (drawing/figure) (before noun) de palotes
    sticks and stones may break my bones (but names will never hurt me) a palabras necias, oídos sordos
    • Will spent the time talking and drew stick figures as he spoke.
    • I left him for a moment and shoved a few sticks of wood into the failing fire.
    • They'd go off looking for fallen sticks - long, thick ones to pile against low-slung branches.
    • Two stick figures were holding hands, the taller with a red jacket, the shorter with a triangle dress and pigtails, smiling under a happy-looking sun.
    • I always drew a certain way, with patterns and stick figures, while in grade school.
    • He drew a funny picture of some random stick figure and taped it to the their chair.
    • But with God as my witness, I found that I was incapable of drawing convincing stick figures.
    • He cannot draw, he can barely letter, and musters only stick figures.
    • It was holding hands with a much smaller stick figure with a little red backpack.
    • She then found a medium-sized branch, and using some long, dry grass, she tied some small pieces of wood to the stick.
    • Once a man stated that his grandfather would spend days in the woods looking for a suitable dogwood stick, dogwood trees not being common on that part of the coast.
    • He went back into the trees and brought bigger sticks, laying them in the fire.
    • They are depicted as stick figures with bows and arrows and accompanied by packs of hunting dogs.
    • All that was there were a few sticks, like tree branches, on the floor, and a couple of rickety benches along two of the walls.
    • He recalls drawing a stick figure on his two-year-old daughter's easel just before the mother of one of her preschool classmates walked in.
    • He pulled the reins to the side yanking a stick from the tree.
    • The drawing depicted two crude smiling crayon stick figures standing in front of a house holding hands.
    • He draws two intertwined stick figures with big dopey smiles.
    • It is the sound of sticks being broken for firewood.
    • Would you use stick figures when full figures would tell a more compelling story?
    • Vito was pacing back and forth impatiently, while carrying a long stick from a tree and just whipping it around the air, making that whish sound.
    • When she was six years old, just like other children her age, Zoe used to draw stick figures of her family.
    • I choose to utilize this time wisely by doodling stick figures engaged in various activities.
    • All the others were drawing peace symbols and stick figures with clothes holding hands over the earth in the background.
    • Her clothes were ripped and filthy, and she could feel sticks and leaves stuck in her tangled hair.
    • A few sticks of shaved wood brightened the fire, casting flickering shadows onto the cave walls.
    • By two to three you'll find circles and lines appearing in the drawings, and by the time she gets to preschool you may see these shapes being put together to form stick figures.
    • They piled rocks, sticks, and fallen timber to use as walls.
    • Hayes picked up a fallen stick and twirled it idly between his fingers.
    • Almost all of the buildings are huts, with roofs made out of thin sticks.
    • He took out his pocket knife and cut a forked stick from a handy tree.
    • They stood it upright with the help of some remnant pieces of wood, took a stick from the bonfire and lit the fuse before standing back and covering their ears.
    • You may have recreated this illusion in school or on your own by drawing stick figures or other pictures on a stack of paper, then flipped through the paper quickly.
    • After about half a minute or so of searching, he found what he was looking for: a stick fallen from a tree branch.
    • He had drawn little stick figures of the class without knowing it.
    • I could write scripts and storyboard style using stick figures and balloons and captions.
    • Ada heard the gunshots in the distance, dry and thin as sticks breaking.
    • Long brown hair fell over her paper but she ignored it while doodling stick figures.
    • She only offered a gracious giggle before kneeling down to gather nearby sticks and branches for firewood.
    • With shaking hands you gather twigs and sticks from the firewood basket and coax the last embers of the fire to wake up too.
  • 2walking stick

    • 2.1

      bastón masculino

    • 2.2drumstick

      palillo masculino
      baqueta femenino México

    • 2.3hockey stick

      palo masculino

    • 2.4joystickAviación Informática

      (palanca de comandos manuales) joystick masculino
      • The design is almost exactly as a million schoolboys imagine it - arms with control sticks come out from the pack and fit under my own.
      • This game looks slick and plays like a dream, especially with the use of both analogue sticks controlling speed and direction.
      • Before the students take control of the stick, they must spend time getting familiar with situations they may encounter in the sky.
      • With that she pushed forward on her control stick and the fighter screamed out of the hangar into space.
      • The right stick wholly controls the camera, when it's not fixed to a specific point in some areas of the game.
      • One stick controls Max's aim, while the other makes Max move.
      • When chaos was all around him he felt in control behind the stick of his fighter.
      • You can even move their heads in the window by pressing the analog stick in any direction.
      • The camera can be controlled with the right stick, but it feels limited in certain areas.
      • The left stick controls your movement forwards and backwards, as well as turns you left and right while R1 and L1 act as your strafe.
      • It's manually controlled by the right stick and you'll be adjusting it - constantly.
      • On its most basic level attacks are performed with either the A or B buttons in combination with a direction on the control stick.
      • We kept losing the gears - the stick would come off in your hand in 4th and you'd have to make it home like that.
      • I ram in the clutch, come to almost a dead stop, and slip the stick up to first gear.
      • Coming up with a peppermint, she gathered the object between two fingers, and brought the stick back into first gear again.
      • It still had sticks, rather than control yokes, and got most of its performance out of its light weight.
      • Crystal was in the middle of the machine holding two sticks that controlled the arms.
      • You will need to steer the boat using the analog stick so keep trying to turn left.
      • Imagine being able to land a jumbo jet without ever taking control of the stick.
      • The pilot does so and lets go of the control sticks.

  • 3

    (of celery, rhubarb) rama femenino
    (of celery, rhubarb) penca femenino
    (of dynamite) cartucho masculino
    (of rock, candy) palo masculino
    (of sealing wax) barra femenino
    a stick of cinnamon un pedazo de canela en rama
    • a stick of chalk una tiza
    • a stick of chewing gum un chicle
    • cut the carrots into sticks cortar las zanahorias en bastoncitos
    • a shaving/deodorant stick una barra de jabón de afeitar/de desodorante
    • there wasn't a stick of furniture in the room no había ni un mueble en el cuarto
    • She raised both hands above her head, holding incense sticks, while praying.
    • Inside the napkins were a few carrot sticks and a small piece of bread.
    • Sheesh, anyone would think those were real sticks of dynamite…
    • The entire mosque is flushed deep red, its minarets striped with red sandstone and white marble like giant sticks of candy.
    • ‘You found him?’ she asked, snatching her arms back with gratitude and reaching into her pocket for a thin stick of nicotine gum.
    • From his other bag, where he kept the food, he took a few sticks of cinnamon, a grater, and several apples.
    • Miners threw sticks of dynamite at riot police outside the congress building and the presidential palace.
    • I hesitated only long enough to grab an incense stick and lighter, and was outside in a minute.
    • He whipped a stick of gum out of his pocket and chewed it violently.
    • He thought maybe there was a market for something a tad more delicate and easier to eat, so he hired a local meatpacker to develop his thin, dried beef stick.
    • It's just like somebody threw a couple of sticks of dynamite in there and it exploded upward and fell down.
    • The portraits and incense sticks of the family shrine, built into the wall of one of the rooms, have been replaced by a vase and contemporary pictures.
    • There are, of course, a few sticks of gum, and I pop one in my mouth as I walk out the room.
    • Amelia handed me a stick of gum and put her fingers in her ears.
    • She knew her typical meals of cheese sticks or fried foods needed to change to get the figure she wanted.
    • Wrap cheese sticks and pieces of apple and carrot in a slice of ham.
    • Police say the 70 sticks of dynamite were too old and unstable to remove.
    • Incense sticks should be safely burned in incense holders and resins can be burned on small pieces of charcoal in metal burners.
    • Two sticks of celery taste so much better washed down with a glass of Chardonnay or two.
    • If fast food outlets sold tuna salads and sticks of celery there wouldn't be half the problem.
  • 4Britanico coloquial

    (criticism, punishment)
    to get/take stick from sb recibir/aguantar (los) palos de algn coloquial
    • to give sb/sth stick darle palos / un palo a algn/algo
  • 5coloquial

    tipo masculino coloquial
    tipa femenino coloquial
    tío masculino España coloquial
    tía femenino España coloquial
    cuate masculino México coloquial
    cuata femenino México coloquial
    gallo masculino Chile coloquial
    galla femenino Chile coloquial
    a dull old stick un tipo aburrido coloquial
    • May left, she was a stout old stick and I knew she would not say anything.
    • I would like to have found him a wordly-wise old stick, full of reminiscence and able to paint vivid sketches of great men and great occasions.
    • So stop acting like a dried-up old stick and get with the program.
    • The implication is that he wasn't such a bad old stick.
    • Which again, from these tapes you get historical evidence that the queen is not quite the dry old stick that she sometimes is painted to be.
  • 6sticks plural

    • 6.1(remote area, provinces)

      the sticks
      • to live out in the sticks vivir en las Batuecas

    • 6.2(in horseracing)

      the sticks los obstáculos

Hay 2 traducciones principales de stick en Español

: stick1stick2


pegar, v.

verbo transitivostuck

  • 1

    (attach, glue)
    will it stick leather? ¿sirve para pegar cuero?
    • I stuck a patch over the hole puse un parche encima del agujero
    • I stuck the handle (back) on with glue pegué el asa con cola
    • I'll stick the pieces together again voy a pegar los pedazos
    • He had left before Helen moved back, but stickers were stuck on to her windows and protesters with loud hailers shouted slogans outside her home.
    • In the past, builders usually stuck them on with a little patio cement and that was it.
    • He then asked if he could borrow some tape to stick some papers together.
    • Alternatively, you could cover the outside of the vase in double-sided adhesive tape, then stick large leaves vertically around it.
    • He stuck labels on jars to earn a living and slept in a rat-infested warehouse in the slums of London.
    • On the inner side, after applying the glue, stick a layer of thin cardboard on the corner.
    • The traffic police had checked the three-wheelers for essential documents and as a sign-off message stuck their stickers on the vehicles.
    • ‘There,’ he says softly, sticking the medical tape over the end of the bandage to keep it in place.
    • Get a glue gun and stick some sequins on a pair of flip flops.
    • Write your message on a post-it-note and stick it where it is sure to be found.
    • We've stuck little instruction labels to their computers.
    • If you aren't keen on sewing a puppet's features in place, stick them on instead.
    • He stuck a big sticker on it saying ‘Do not use’.
    • It's not a very glamorous job but at least it was better then my old job which was sticking price tags again and again on canned food.
    • He uses a laser printer to add specific information about the specific honey in question to his preprinted honey labels and then sticks the labels on the jars.
    • I stuck little notes on my bedroom mirror and my computer monitor.
    • I ran into Gill the other day sticking up posters.
    • I am about to stick a 1st class stamp on the envelope when I have the nagging feeling that it might weigh more than the 60g maximum.
    • A traffic warden is skulking around and has just stuck a ticket on the car next to me.
    • I even stuck some posters on the wall.
  • 2

    • 2.1(thrust)

      (knife/sword/needle) clavar
      I stuck the needle in my finger me clavé la aguja en el dedo

    • 2.2(impale)

      to stick sth on sth clavar algo en algo
      • They stuck candles in the sand and held hands, chanting Hindu prayers.
      • I stuck a fork into one oblong piece and put it in my mouth.
      • He stuck a fork through his foot last Monday.
      • About every 15 minutes, check the ham for doneness by sticking a fork into the meat.
      • He who showed quick reactions to stick his ice axe into the ground and hung for several minutes.
      • Delicately the woman stuck a finger into the water pitcher.
      • She destroyed my collages and stuck sharp objects through my notebooks when Susannah and me weren't around to stop her, which wasn't often, but often enough.
      • She glanced over at the small burning candle near and stuck her finger in the wax.
      • It wasn't that he feared the pain, never that, he just didn't want someone sticking sharp objects into his body if they didn't know what they were doing exactly.
      • I stuck my fork into another flan, to check whether it was true.
      • He just kept sticking his finger in the sauce bowl, then taking it out and licking it, then back in the bowl, then more licking.
      • I grabbed my water bottle, stuck my finger in to wet it, and then dripped a small amount on my arm.
      • If you disturb one it sticks the barbs on its legs into your skin.
      • I stuck a fork in it and pulled it out of its shell with a squelchy noise.
      • They took my arm and stuck a needle in it.
      • He looks like he's just come from sticking his finger in an electrical socket.
      • ‘Look at the texture on that,’ said Pippin, sticking her finger into my cake.
      • It's almost like someone sticking a finger into your belly button.

    • 2.3(stab, spear)

      (pig/boar) clavar
      (boar/pig) atravesar
      • I was in the country and was entirely occupied with running down hares, and sticking salmon.
      • If you stick a pig it squeals.

  • 3coloquial

    (put, place)
    they stuck us in the worst seats nos pusieron en los peores asientos
    • stick my name (down) on the list ponme / apúntame en la lista
    • remember to stick the lid back on no te olvides de volver a ponerle la tapa
    • stick it in the oven ponlo / mételo en el horno
    • what shall I do with my cup? — just stick it in the kitchen ¿qué hago con la taza? — déjala / ponla en la cocina
    • shall I stick another record on? ¿pongo otro disco?
    • stick your head out of the window asoma / saca la cabeza por la ventana
    • I stuck it back in my pocket me lo metí de nuevo en el bolsillo
    • she stuck her nose against the window pegó la nariz a la ventana
    • stick it there! ¡chócala!
    • if he doesn't like the idea, he can stick it si no le gusta la idea, que se aguante
    • she knows where she can stick her offer! ¡ella sabe muy bien dónde se puede meter esa oferta!
    • We stuck our shoes on and went out the back to the car.
    • The employer - he really deserves to be named - was told in the crudest language possible where to stick the job.
    • Garrett was sitting down at his desk, rereading notes he had found stuck away in a drawer.
    • I would have loved to tell Markie to stick his jobs.
    • Pulling on her gloves Mercy stuck her wallet and house keys in her coat pockets.
    • He sticks the card back on the shelf, shoving it between the smiling clown figurine and the lighted seashell.
    • I grabbed the computer microphone, stuck it next to the phone and played the voicemail back into it.
    • I very nearly told her to stick her job, but remembered that I was going to need it to pay for the material for the costumes.
    • She replied that if he really thought that, he could stick his job.
    • Apparently someone stuck the box up on that shelf without telling me and it's been there these five and a half years.
    • The waitress set down a small gas range on the table, stuck an oiled tray on top, and poured on a mixture of greens and spicy chicken.
    • Many old computers are stuck up in attics as people don't want to just throw them out.
    • You've turned up the heating, you've stuck an extra sweatshirt on, and still you're shivering.
    • Then got angry and told him where he could stick his job, and put the phone down, vowing that I was never going to speak to him again.
    • In the end they just stuck me in a mental ward but none of them understood what was really happening inside my head.
  • 4Britanico coloquial

    I don't know how you stick him no sé cómo lo aguantas / soportas
    • she couldn't stick the noise any longer no pudo aguantar / soportar / resistir más el ruido
    • I really can't stick her.
    • If you really can't stick him and you really don't want him anywhere near your big day, it might be worth upsetting her a little bit.
    • ‘I can't stick it any longer,’ he wrote.

verbo intransitivostuck

  • 1

    (glue) pegar
    (food) pegarse
    you have to stir it to stop it sticking hay que removerlo para que no se pegue
    • these labels won't stick (on) estas etiquetas no (se) pegan
    • to stick to sth adherirse a algo
    • my shirt was sticking to my back tenía la camisa pegada a la espalda
    • the two pages have stuck together las dos páginas se han pegado
    • they'll never make the charge stick nunca van a poder probar que es culpable
    • his friends called him Lofty and the name stuck los amigos lo llamaban Lofty y se quedó con ese nombre
    • I push my hair back to find sweat clinging to my brow and realise my shirt is sticking against my skin.
    • Once the organism is stuck on to something, unless it is cleaned, it is there for 80 days - that is how long it can survive.
    • When the saliva flow is reduced, food particles tend to stick on or between tooth surfaces.
    • I later found a few stuck on my clothes, clinging to the wet sleeves of my shirt.
    • They stuck securely onto the mouse on various surfaces, but were easily removed.
  • 2

    (become jammed)
    this door sticks esta puerta se atora México
    • the car stuck in the mud el coche se atascó en el barro
    • the words stuck in my throat no pude articular palabra
    • to stick at nothing hacer lo que sea
    • His vehicle became stuck and after he exited he discovered his right front wheel was mired in a hole and the tire was flat.
    • Three miles distant from the jetty the steamer stuck fast.
    • The tow truck driver who eventually towed the truck out testified it had to be towed out of the ditch because the left front wheel was down in the mud and stuck.
    • Right in front of me, just below the ledge, is a second chockstone the size of a large bus tire, stuck fast in the three-foot channel between the walls.
    • The sword stuck fast in a crack in between two of the stone blocks.
    • Is that drawer in the bathroom vanity still sticking, despite trying to lubricate it with toothpaste?
    • While she was there, aged 16, she watched whaling boats set out on the North Sea, and heard reports of one becoming stuck fast in the ice.
    • The 264 ft ship with her 42 ft beam just missed the lighthouse, but the wind and waves drove her high on the rocks, where she stuck fast.
    • After a nightmarish afternoon when I became stuck fast while walking through mud, and tumbled forward into the thick of it, I now discover that wellies are dangerous.
    • While practicing on one of them, he noticed that mechanics of one of the keys, a high C, had gotten stuck, emitting a fixed drone.
    • At about nine o'clock, the first vehicle topped a ridge, hit a patch of soft sand and stuck fast.
    • The dresser drawer stuck when I pulled it open, and the small thing seemed to infuriate me.
    • The ship struck the Tricolor at 7.30 yesterday evening and became stuck fast.
    • A large bag fell off the pallet and became stuck under one of the wheels of the fork lift truck.
    • Finally, on January the 19th, the ship became stuck fast.
    • Frustrated, she yanked on the last drawer, but it seemed stuck.
    • She stuck fast, despite running her engines full astern.
  • 3

    (in card games)
    • In card games, the quandary is often whether to stick or twist.
    • When you have split your hand, you play the two hands one after the other - once you have stuck or gone bust on the first hand you play the second one.
  • 4

    there's a hole where the pole sticks through hay un agujero por donde se asoma / sale el poste
    • His jet black hair was sticking out all over the place in its usual fashion.
    • Sean stepped on a shard of glass that was sticking up from the riverbed.
    • On the way downhill, we pass a house with only the roof sticking up above the lava.
    • He started across the highway and caught his toe on a piece of asphalt that was sticking up.
    • Alison was covered with bandages and tubes sticking out of her nose.
    • The new mast stuck around nine metres out from the roof and was supported by surrounding cables, but it was closer to local houses than the old one.
    • All she could see was old Mary's boots sticking up in the air.
    • On the table is a bowl of fruit with two bananas sticking up, one either side.
    • Taps that had dried up long ago stuck out from the walls and the floor was strewn with garbage.
    • In the meantime people and children walking in this area of the woods should be careful how they tread since there are many branches sticking up out of the ground.
    • I inherited my father's chin, which sticks out, but luckily I inherited his sense of humour as well so I can laugh at it.
    • His short hair was now messy, sticking up in different directions.
    • He had his right hand in a clenched fist with his thumb sticking up.
    • The ox's bones were sticking out of their backs.
    • The naked eye saw only a wire sticking up out of the road.
    • Because the water in the lake was very low, a couple of huge stones stuck out.
    • He looked down and saw a leg sticking up out of heavy briars.
    • Her blonde hair was messy, sticking up in all directions.
    • There were boards with nails sticking up everywhere.
    • They also had flat feet and teeth that stuck out.