Traducción de sticker en Español:


etiqueta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɪkə//ˈstɪkər/


  • 1

    etiqueta femenino
    (with slogan etc) pegatina femenino
    (with slogan etc) adhesivo masculino
    • They are more interested in providing information on coming events and on how to print stickers.
    • I enter the lift and am about to press the button for the 8th floor when I notice the no smoking stickers placed adjacent to some of the buttons, including the 8th.
    • After putting my tomatoes on the scale, I pressed the button for tomatoes, and it printed out a little sticker for my bag with weight and price on it.
    • That's when I noticed the little sticker on the window explaining the purpose of the ‘Child Safety Lock’.
    • On the paper covering the back of the print was a sticker with her name in English.
    • The yellow sticker is a defect notice, indicating that the car fails to satisfy the roadworthy standards for the state.
    • As a general rule, the mindset of a particular individual can be determined by counting the sheer quantity of stickers located on their vehicle.
    • He issued a statement to party representatives saying that he had taken the decision to print the stickers to enable election officials to identify genuine poll cards.
    • I noticed that the sticker I gave him, rather than getting stuffed in a pocket to become forgotten or disposed of, was still resting on the table next to his right hand.
    • The first thing I noticed is a yellow sticker on right part of the dashboard in the taxi I took.
    • The license terms can be printed on the sticker or the shrink wrap or be viewable through the shrink wrap as in software packaging.
    • People took away posters, leaflets and stickers advertising the demonstration.
    • They even printed up stickers with the list of included games and attached them to the packaging for each system.
    • He had yet to notice the price sticker still on his briefcase.
    • Myself, I have been meaning for some time now to print up stickers that look something like this.
    • Additionally, the expiration date is being printed directly on the card now that validation stickers are no longer being used.
    • In addition, the kit includes pigments and other substances needed to create real crayons, chalk, clay, paints and adhesive stickers.
    • However, he suggested that the campaign stickers be printed in bright colors.
    • The sticker was an official notice stating that the car had been reported as abandoned and that it would be towed away in seven days.
    • We think we will be able to achieve this effect with the newly printed stickers too.
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    persona tenaz femenino
    persona perseverante femenino