Traducción de sticker price en Español:

sticker price

precio de etiqueta, n.



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    precio de etiqueta masculino
    • Chrysler sold 120,857 of the cars last year and received a slew of awards and rave reviews, including several that highlighted the quality of a car that has a starting sticker price under $30,000.
    • And with the V-6, automatic and leather seats, the sticker price zooms past $29,000.
    • Give me great design, reliable quality and performance and a sticker price I can afford.
    • During a sneak preview for the press, an affluent woman offered one reporter more than double the sticker price if she could take the car right then - apparently with checkbook in hand.
    • But building a sports car with a low sticker price that can be sold profitably is no easy task.
    • So right there, you have $221.90 if you pay sticker price which, like we said, you're not going to do.
    • As the sticker price of the vehicle rises, the number of options diminishes, but choices become more complex.
    • They also ignore the sales tactics of those stores in keeping the sticker price high while selling merchandise at deep discount.
    • Unfortunately, this is not so, because part of the sticker price incorporates the costs involved in those warranties.
    • But if you broaden your query to include safety, fuel efficiency, performance and reliability, you'll likely hear that those options easily justify a higher sticker price.
    • The same people who think nothing of asking an editor to accept half of what we normally charge would never expect to walk into a new car dealership and offer half the sticker price of an automobile.
    • I used to rent it almost every week at my local video store to have one-on-one battles with my best friend - and to avoid the game's sticker price, which back in 1992 was $59.99.
    • The set came out a little less than a year ago with a $135 sticker price which was quickly discounted to around a hundred dollars.
    • Always negotiate up from the factory invoice price, not down from the sticker price, which is a higher price than the dealer expects you to pay.
    • Indeed, while experts report that there are generally few surprises when it comes to the sticker price of a new software product, hidden costs can push implementation budgets over the limit if they are not projected from the start.
    • The pharmaceutical companies argue that the high sticker price on their branded products are necessary to recoup the costs of research.
    • Best of all, the sticker price is a third of what they wanted for the Cadillac.
    • Thinking of my wife and two sons, the concept of the safety attributes of a Volvo combined with a lower sticker price than the typical offerings from the Swedish automaker has high appeal.
    • And the $2.35 million sticker price, he said, was set with investors in mind.
    • The average cost of a used car in 1998 was $12,500; nearly 53 percent lower than the average new-car sticker price of $23,600.