Traducción de stiff-necked en Español:


a ultranza, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstɪf ˈˌnɛkt///


  • 1

    (conservatism) a ultranza
    (conservatism) contumaz formal
    his stiff-necked resistance to change su contumaz resistencia a todo cambio formal
    • Carly just smiled, and egged the stiff-necked officer to take her turn.
    • For fans of witty musical numbers, there are sequences like the patter song in which Millie takes dictation from her stiff-necked boss, and repeats it at lightning speed.
    • Opera did not take off in England in this period, partly because it was frowned on as immoral by stiff-necked Protestants, and partly because no finance was forthcoming from the state, as in France, or from municipalities, as in Italy.
    • Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny fresh powder type of day and a bunch of stiff-necked fools weren't going to spoil it.
    • My sister jumps through hoops for her like a puppy seeking approval and I get stiff-necked in the face of Mother's orders and pronouncements.
    • If some of them should prove stiff-necked, what of it?
    • For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are.
    • God will not reach beyond the boundaries of your own stiff-necked, hard-of-heart will and save you against your will!
    • The truculent aggression and stiff-necked unilateralism of the American and Israeli teams are already well known.
    • Though stiff-necked and officious, the commanders aren't demonized nor singled out for blame.
    • He appeared surprised that many in the music profession today were stiff-necked.
    • If the Jewish people were not stiff-necked, we'd never have survived till today.
    • Shakespeare's Coriolanus, for example, gives us the tragedy of a great military hero brought down by his stiff-necked inability to credit the legitimacy - even, the collective humanity - of larger society.
    • We are a stiff-necked people and a people of long memory.
    • Hence the sound advice from less stiff-necked writers to young bachelors: if you're looking for a girl, check out the city's major marketplaces.
    • Second, the people were stiff-necked and hard-hearted.
    • But if the stiff-necked transgressors cannot be persuaded, they can be cowed and conquered.
    • We look back at the stiff-necked Victorians with a smug sense of superiority.
    • Some have defended the Christian faith and others have criticised it - choosing to label its adherents as stiff-necked, lobotomised fundamentalists.
    • Peaceful demonstrators are squaring off with stiff-necked authorities over the city's refusal to grant permission for the rally they want.