Traducción de stiffen en Español:


almidonar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈstɪfən//ˈstɪf(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cuff/collar) (with starch) almidonar
    (cuff/collar) (with fabric underneath) armar
    (collar/cuff) (with fabric underneath) entretelar
    • Hold a magnet nearby and the bits of iron will line up end-to-end; they form a rigid lattice that stiffens the mixture.
    • For one precious moment the air filled with dragonfly hatchlings, their limp wings stiffening in the sun, performing aerobatic exercises before migrating down to the river.
    • The sealant stiffens the fabric and prevents the threads from showing through the stitching.
    • His knee also stiffens up after training, so it needs sorting out because it's an annoying problem.
    • She stiffened for a second, but then relaxed in his arms.
    • I heard the deep rumble of Michael's voice and I immediately stiffened up.
    • Nicole followed my gaze, and I saw her visibly stiffen at the sight of her sister.
    • Thicker foam also will stiffen the base fabric more than thin foam and requires the stability of heavy fabric, such as denim.
    • He stiffened visibly, and stood there rigid, unsure of how to react.
    • He looked at me, and even though he smiled, I could see his posture visibly stiffen.
    • That's impressive for a man his age - perhaps, like me, he has a bad back that stiffens up when he sits.
    • She tried to maneuver him to a dumpy sofa studded with a gaudy pattern of crimson roses, but Jack stiffened his knees.
    • He suddenly stiffened up, looking at her as if he had just stepped across some kind of social boundary.
    • The smaller muscles in the face and between the fingers start stiffening between two and four hours after death.
    • The next essential garment was the corset stiffened with thin strips of whalebone.
    • She tried to stand up, but her already tense muscles had stiffened considerably during the flight.
    • He exaggerated the hips with panniered silk skirts, and skirts were stiffened into subtle bell shapes.
    • He knows when to explode into the shot - when the defender is off balance or has stiffened his knees or has moved in too close.
    • Her body stiffened slightly at the mention of that name.
    • Her shoulders stiffened at his words, puzzling him.
    • Did his face stiffen for a moment there or was it just my imagination?
    • The Queen heard it as well, for Margaret saw her shoulders stiffen almost imperceptibly.
    • The tallow and the beeswax was not able to be hardened and stiffened and this led to the invention of the moulding machine by Joseph Morgan in 1834.
    • She grabbed my hand and my body stiffened even further.
  • 2

    (make stronger)
    (resolve/morale) fortalecer
    (terms) hacer más duro
    • Legislation that will stiffen the penalties for the offences of kidnapping and false imprisonment ought to be passed.
    • And strikes can backfire: lack of public support can stiffen government resolve.
    • At the same time, the Israeli position has stiffened.
    • Total surprise was achieved, but resistance soon stiffened.
    • But Hitler's forces were regrouping, and as the Allies pushed nearer to Germany's borders, German resistance stiffened.
    • Little opposition was encountered at first, but resistance stiffened along the Litani river and Vichy troops counter-attacked at Merjayun and Kuneitra.
    • On the other hand, this intimate contact with war can stiffen your resolve.
    • We can hope for an early end to the destruction, but as resistance stiffens that prospect is by no means certain.
    • European governments are stiffening their resistance to war in Iraq in advance of the weapons inspectors' report to the United Nations security council tomorrow.
    • It took four hours for British paratroopers to reach the bridges on foot, by which time German resistance was already stiffening.
    • After the German Army was chased across France, resistance began to stiffen.
    • Half a dozen scandalous cases after 1780 illustrated the difficulties and stiffened foreign resistance to Chinese jurisdiction.
    • Once the Allies were on German territory, enemy resistance stiffened.
    • Although we could not get to Seville and be part of the 100,000-strong march, the events have only stiffened our determination in fighting capitalism.
    • But as the Japanese imperium widened, Chinese resistance stiffened.
    • It's personal, and you can sense, amidst the all the uncertainty and trepidation, American resolve stiffening.
    • Japanese banks, besieged by requests to waive corporate debts, can stiffen their resolve to resist.
    • Politicians stiffen penalties, and the police increase man-hours and arrests.
    • Progressive Democrats revolted in the House caucus, stiffening resistance to the Republican bill.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(become rigid)

      (joint/muscles/person) agarrotarse
      (person/muscles/joint) anquilosarse
      (corpse) ponerse rígido

    • 1.2(become firm)


    • 1.3(in manner, reaction)

      ponerse tenso
      she stiffened at the mention of his name se puso tensa al oír mencionar su nombre

  • 2

    (become stronger)
    (competition) hacerse más duro
    (breeze) aumentar