Traducción de still life en Español:

still life

naturaleza muerta, n.

nombrePlural still lifes

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    naturaleza muerta femenino
    bodegón masculino
    • He also works with bold colors to create still-life paintings.
    • His still-life objects, of course, remain secular, but he endows them with an almost sacramental aura, into which he draws the scullery maid.
    • There is a story that she once ate up some cream cakes which she had bought as a subject for a still-life study, but that is likely to have been from childish greed rather than desperate hunger.
    • Once again I found myself scanning through art books to come up with an inspiring still-life project.
    • A few still-life paintings hang in the backdrop and some dark wood pieces as well as sheer curtains frame the room.
    • It vies for space with the still-life resting on it and the solemn figure of the artist's son, Pierre.
    • Traditional still-life painting is often regarded as typically middle-class, representing the desire to possess and control the objects of daily life.
    • A gallery of production stills and lobby cards show his lighting and composition genius in a still-life context.
    • These still-life paintings have been placed within interiors nationwide and are sure to create a successful design.
    • Magritte included wine bottles in his still-life works, as well as actually painting on them.
    • The exhibition features many still-life paintings in addition to her many landscapes.
    • Framed in heavy ornate gold like an old-master painting, it offered a still-life arrangement of tropical fruit, stuffed birds and jungle plants.
    • His compositions generally consist of a few still-life objects against a dark background.
    • Two monumental still-life paintings contain much the same air of portentous unreality.
    • This canvas is one of many impressionist paintings in which the still-life elements help to establish the sitter's status by emphasizing luxurious material goods.
    • As with Dutch still-life painting, the shadows rendered by this special lighting took on a strong visual presence.
    • The strength of the book can be found in the many still-life images that comprise the artist's work.
    • Among the still-life photos hanging nearby in the gallery, a studied arrangement of food and flowers seems to belong to these expectant parents and their carefully ordered life.
    • He has achieved spectacular success and national acclaim with his still-life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding its consumption.
    • Several of his still-life paintings were designed in pairs and were therefore balanced in theme or composition.