Traducción de stimulus en Español:


estímulo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɪmjələs//ˈstɪmjʊləs/

nombrePlural stimuli

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    estímulo masculino
    • Pain perception begins at the receptor site that responds to damaging stimuli.
    • The combination of visual and auditory stimuli is intriguing as well for the audience.
    • The stimuli evoked pain in the control subjects and the patients with psoriasis.
    • However, the primary stimulus for cytokine secretion during cardiac illness remains unknown.
    • Herein, we would like to add activating a topic receptor as a proapoptotic stimulus for its cells in the Table.
    • State anxiety is a transitory state, which occurs in response to a stimulus and is likely to vary in intensity as a function of the stimulus.
    • A cascade of events must occur for the neurotransmitter stimulus to lead to cellular response.
    • However, reaction times to visual stimuli were faster after using a mobile phone.
    • One explanation for this might be that athletes develop cutaneous blood vessels that respond more to vasodilatory stimuli.
    • In patients with primary sodium retention, the afferent stimuli are suppressed.
    • The sensation of respiratory symptoms has to exceed a certain threshold before a nociceptive stimulus is perceived.
    • They are conditioned to respond to an auditory stimulus by, for example, dropping a block when a sound is heard through earphones.
    • The Tullio phenomenon represents vestibular symptoms and/or eye movements evoked by a sound stimulus.
    • There may even be some spontaneous movement in response to stimuli such as loud noises or pain.
    • Many other animals have sense organs that can detect stimuli beyond the confines of the human senses.
    • They had slower reaction times for visual and auditory stimuli, as well as subtle chorea, dystonia, and nystagmus.
    • A number of studies suggest that arousal may be provoked by respiratory stimuli.
    • The neurogenic stimulus did not alter albumin exudation in any group.
    • In mice, one way to get around this problem is by engineering animals that can only respond to a given stimulus in a single cell type.
    • Local stimulation by distension along the body of the esophagus will elicit a peristaltic wave at the stimulus site.
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    (spur, encouragement)
    estímulo masculino
    incentivo masculino
    • It needs fresh conflict, drama, the torrent of social stimuli that rouses it to activity.
    • But the notion that the profit motive can adequately replace the public-service ethic as the stimulus for helping the old and sick is less than a joke.
    • Other forms of export could also act as a stimulus for national economies.
    • Yet a powerful stimulus for the country's new leaders of all communities is the realisation that they must hang together if they are not to hang separately.
    • She said a bid would provide a huge stimulus for elite sport and also boost efforts to encourage it at grassroots level.
    • America's goods and services become cheaper abroad so it acts as a stimulus for the US economy.
    • Together these monetary and fiscal stimuli will help to boost growth in the fourth quarter, he says.
    • A specific stimulus gets specific reactions and that's what he teaches his students to use on their horse.
    • However, the euro could also act as a stimulus for economic harmonization, and for the liberalization of labour and capital markets.
    • It also acted as a stimulus for Britain to modernise her outdated Royal Air Force.
    • It was possible that the injection of cash into communities would raise the level of demand for basic commodities and could act as an economic stimulus.
    • And given the strength of the dollar, the US economy will not receive a stimulus from increased exports.
    • A researcher at the university found that the medical event itself is a stimulus for patients to quit smoking.
    • The present out and out secularism of the state could prove to be a stimulus to genuine ecumenism.
    • The introduction of these two players acted as a positive stimulus for the home team and a stream of chances were created.
    • Clearly it fuels an enormous boost in prestige for the country, gives a further stimulus to its strongly growing economy and plants the seal on its policies of reform and opening up.
    • A key factor in the second half, given the loss of fiscal stimulus and rising energy prices, will be consumer spending.
    • The stimulus for the activity may be an important dinner party, a new boss to impress, or, in the case of professional chefs, a new book or television programme to fill.
    • Also, if devaluation acts as a stimulus for growth in America this could have a positive knock-on effect in the rest of the world.
    • All of this will be billed as a stimulus package to boost economic growth.