Traducción de stink en Español:


hediondez, n.

Pronunciación /stɪŋk//stɪŋk/


  • 1

    (bad smell)
    hediondez femenino
    hedor masculino literario
    mal olor masculino
    peste femenino coloquial
    to run/work like stink correr/trabajar como un desaforado coloquial
    • The huge mounds of refuse have gone and so has the stink.
    • Dragging this old case up will create such a stink, it will pit neighbour against neighbour.
    • If I were on trial and I got even so much as a hint that the judge might be biased against me, I'd certainly raise a stink about it.
    • At times you can smell the stink, hear the rats running in his shack, and feel the numbing cold.
    • He could still smell the stink, but his nose was sort of numb now and he didn't care.
    • The stink is loathsome and high where wasted rubbish gets disposed off uncaringly in an open public place.
    • Of course, the kid threw up a stink, started yelling and screaming, and its elder sister had to drag it off for a replacement.
    • If it's nothing special, why are the first-mentioned group of people kicking up such a stink?
    • There was an odd stink, but the house seemed clean.
    • If the council wishes to take action I will be quite pleased because I will really raise a stink about this.
    • Once I tried reading the Herald on a car trip to Sydney, but it's a broadsheet and with the newsprint stink, I spewed all over the business pages.
    • There's been a stink in my classroom, for a week now, we couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but it smelled like metho.
    • It smells terrible, and the stink was getting into my house, my van and other houses nearby.
    • Why think when it's so less demanding to simply raise a stink?
    • The stink in the dining room is as bad as garbage smell.
    • Even if the gas wasn't poisonous, the stink was still unpleasant.
    • They prove their mettle daily, without making such a stink.
    • The Australian Workers Union who represent production line employees of Ion in Adelaide have raised a stink about this arrangement, to no avail.
    • ‘But the stink was putrid, the smells were absolutely awful,’ he said.
    • I hope nobody ever has to smell the stink that my family and neighbors are experiencing.
    • Milltown residents have been creating a stink about raw sewerage that is flowing into a river in the village.
    • It's supposed to cover up the stench of stale pee, but the disinfectant stink is almost as bad.
    • The sight of the brightly coloured Royal Parade Lilies has caused a real stink among Sinn Fein representatives.
    • The project's caused quite a stink among victims' rights groups and staunch conservatives.
    • Interestingly, even though the stink from this particular city stretch is so powerful that strong men quaver, the authorities are apparently contemplating introducing boating in the Canal.
    • I opened a window in an attempt to circulate some air and get the cigarette stink off of Ben and I, and it happened to be making one young thing in the back cold.
    • There was a slight breeze, and I neatly managed to avoid the worst of the stink.
    • However an Enniscrone businessman said he was considering withholding payment of his rates in protest at the on-gong stink.
    • York council's plan to change the rubbish collection from weekly to fortnightly has caused a right stink, as one whiff of our letters pages confirms.
    • In mid-August, a group of mainland Chinese business executives made such a stink at a Chicago hardware fair that most attendants were left perplexed and appalled.
    • The stink travelled with them, like body odour.
    • In Warheads, while demonstrating irritant-gas, a mercenary trainer tells the film team: ‘The stink is so strong, you'll get a whiff of it too’.
    • He is out of office because he's raising a stink,’ says a Taradale resident.
    • ‘They can do it but the political stink will be quite intense,’ he said.
    • Residents causing a stink over chemical emissions from a business park - which left them unable to open their windows because of the stench - have persuaded Pendle Council to investigate.
    • Unmindful of the rain and the stink, several drove down, specially to catch the sight of rain lashing the lake, and yes, get themselves drenched to the skin.
    • I daren't put clothes in it until I am happy with the smell as I don't want them to absorb the stink.
    • Since the intervention of the special unit, the stink at the school had been slowly dissipating, sources said.
    • Disgruntled natives of Boyle are creating a stink over a decision by Beirne's Bins to revise their pricing policy.
    • One theory was put my way when the stink over Coke and Pepsi broke out which I present now for your consideration.
  • 2coloquial

    escándalo masculino
    lío masculino coloquial
    follón masculino España coloquial

verbo intransitivostank, stunk

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    (smell badly)
    (place/breath/person) apestar
    to stink of sth apestar a algo
    • his breath stank of alcohol el aliento le apestaba a alcohol
    • they stink of money están podridos en plata
    • To explore the hole you needed a very long ladder and a strong constitution: it stank and was crawling with rats.
    • It stunk like there was a dead body inside it, and perhaps there was.
    • Soldiers said that the city just doesn't stink as it did when they arrived to find sewers backed up all over the place and mounds of rotting garbage.
    • The place stank of sour beer and cigarette smoke.
    • What a sad, sad sight to see him there in his white apron, stinking from the smell of salami.
    • He smelled of musky cologne and his mouth stank of beer.
    • My room stank from the smell of tar today, thanks to the re-paving of the road outside my courtyard.
    • The Ylang Ylang scent, which I feared would stink like rutting pandas, smells like very old people.
    • Sometimes you can stink without letting off a smell and people will still keep away.
    • The first half hour, visually ‘influenced’ by Fellowship of the Ring, is so poorly written it stinks like an episode of Hercules with an extra $14 in the budget.
    • ‘I'd rather you told me I stunk,’ I said, ‘than tell me I lost the job because of my race.’
    • The guy that grabbed me stank of alcohol and started to sway me back and forth.
    • The floor stank of sweat and urine, and Rave could hardly breathe.
    • ‘I caught the first fifteen minutes of Absolute Power and thought it stunk, but I wouldn't want to clog this thread up with a post about why,’ he said in the Extras thread.
    • The River Croal was an open sewer and the middens stank all through the year.
    • It was jelly-like and it stunk horribly, like butter gone off or old chip pan oil.
    • The air stank of burned plastic for at least two days after the attack.
    • His head was shaved and his black track suit stank of sweat and cigarette smoke.
    • She likes to relate the time a cat had a litter in her clothing, and how horrible her wardrobe stunk afterwards.
    • This room stunk so badly we could not stay in it for very long.
    • His breath stank of alcohol, despite the early hour.
    • We decided to leave and came back in half an hour but the place absolutely stank.
    • We got three issues out before we realized we stunk at selling ads and subscriptions.
    • The success of Angela's Ashes spawned a spate of memoirs-by-nobody-in-particular, most of which, frankly, stunk.
    • It can also be very revealing if you loved the movie and he thinks it stunk.
    • He was leaning in and his breath stank of alcohol.
  • 2coloquial

    (be very bad)
    the whole business stinks todo el asunto da asco
    • the acting and dialogue stink la actuación y el diálogo son un bodrio
    • the idea stinks es una pésima idea