Traducción de stink bomb en Español:

stink bomb

bomba fétida, n.


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    bomba fétida femenino
    • Release a stink bomb when he comes into class!
    • According to the Taranaki Herald in those early days meetings were often broken up by children throwing stink bombs.
    • Meanwhile he set stink bombs in the hallway with David and collected Marvel comic books using wrinkled dollars from her purse.
    • As a result, forces have considered a bewildering array of alternatives, including guns firing glue, stink bombs and even bean-bags.
    • Also, I was planning to put one of Dan's stink bombs in some dorm rooms, break another pipe, and maybe terrorize some sophomores in the gym locker room.
    • Immediately after their inexplicable loss to the worst French team in a decade, a stink bomb was let off in the Twickenham shop, which was appropriate since there has been a bad smell following the world champions for some time now.
    • Making his eyes well up over your sentimental words is good; causing them to tear up from an unintentional stink bomb is not.
    • You even went far enough to put stink bombs in my locker.
    • The young man struts, prances, like a kind of teenage prankster, with stink bombs and remote control detonators.
    • The sophomore girls had already started theirs, and the freshmen boys were being yelled at for putting stink bombs in the band room.
    • Something smelled like a stink bomb had gone off.
    • In 1992, when a vomit-like odor permeated the clinic, the staff assumed someone had thrown a stink bomb.
    • Stories of pranks flooded in - colleagues lacing tea urns with laxatives or posting stink bombs through letter boxes.
    • The broken windows and stink bombs in Frankfurt-Oder were used by the intelligence service as an excuse to criminalise a socialist publication.
    • Last time I went home, my father revealed to me 100 miniature stink bombs purchased online.
    • When he played Carnegie Hall in 1971 a stink bomb was let off by, he is convinced, ‘one of the boys’.
    • They had intended, I believe, to escape by throwing home-made stink bombs (a nasty little device of Barterman's) at the guards and running for it.
    • In third grade, he sold stink bombs to his classmates so that he could buy his first still camera, a Bakelite Univex, for 39 cents.
    • Pickets blocked the entrance of the hotel to lobby guests arriving for the ball, while 20 members managed to infiltrate the party, letting off stink bombs and filling the banqueting suite with feathers.
    • At its height, the protests were marked by stink bombs, urine-filled balloons and even a blast bomb.