Traducción de stint en Español:


Pronunciación /stɪnt//stɪnt/


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    • 1.1(fixed amount, share)

      I've done my stint for today hoy ya he hecho mi parte / lo que me tocaba / lo que me correspondía

    • 1.2(period)

      período masculino
      he did a five-year stint in the army pasó (un período de) cinco años en el ejército
      • her brief stint of modeling/as a guide la breve temporada en que trabajó de modelo/guía
      • Her track record has included stints fronting shows such as Top of the Pops, The Movie Chart Show and the sports reality show The Games.
      • After two relatively brief stints pastoring in New York and Bolton, Connecticut, he served as a tutor at his alma mater in New Haven from 1724 to 1726.
      • Kay's career also included stints at Atari, Apple, and Disney.
      • His Chinese work stints started purely by accident, Miriam recalls.
      • His early career included floor managing stints with the BBC and Granada, and he worked on the first series of Till Death Us Do Part in the mid-1960s.
      • However, his assignment at VW may prove tougher than his three-year stint at Chrysler.
      • He served a record 10 years as speaker of the House, and during most of that stint a Republican was in the Oval Office.
      • Jim, whose two Lockington coaching stints started 17 years apart, was the playing-coach in the team in which Young won his honour.
      • After a seven-month stint James had resigned, citing a conflict of interest with programs being pursued by the association.
      • During their brief stints the interns are schooled in organizing techniques and tactics.
      • A three-year stint in Hollywood has made the 59-year-old unashamed of selling products, ideas and himself.
      • Between stints levelling out the kitchen floor and painting a Noah's Ark mural in the dining room, the Transform team chose to devise some simple lessons.
      • David and his team will be taking turns, doing one and a half to two hour stints each and are aiming for a time of 24 to 25 hours.
      • The new council would be selected to a three-year stint beginning February 28, 2004.
      • He just completed a three-year stint as a tour representative for Ping, a maker of golf equipment.
      • His early career included stints selling ducks and chickens in an open air market in his hometown of Xinxiang, as well as running a roadside stand hawking barbecued meat sticks.
      • He later moved to software company NCR as a project leader, before doing a three-year stint for the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, designing its Visa credit card system.
      • After a three-year stint in the military, he headed for Hollywood, where his charms were first noticed in a men's room.
      • His career included stints as papal secretary and chancellor of Florence.
      • After an 11-year stint his show was dropped in 1982, but revived again in 1998.

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    without stint sin restricciones

verbo transitivo

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    (food) escatimar
    to stint sb of sth escatimarle algo a algn
    • she stinted herself of food for our sake se privó de comer por nosotros
    • Emotions were stinted, lines were rushed, some of the acting was wooden.
    • Publicly, he had stated his desire to stay at Everton and his never stinting determination for their cause appeared to back up such a claim.
    • My progress has been stinted by my commitment to tutoring over the last couple of months - a welcome change from continuous writing, but still it has drawn me away from my work.
    • One place where TJ's has never stinted is with its employees.
    • An obvious test is, are you stinting your family to fund your habit?
    • Some asked indignant questions about why his host in Japan was stinting the money required to send his body home.
    • Their omelet chef makes excellent omelets and definitely doesn't stint on the ingredients.
    • He doesn't stint the darker sides of the story.
    • In striking contrast he asserts that ‘[God's] wisdom hath stinted the effects of his power ’.
    • While buffers can help mitigate the impact of jitter and wander, they also serve to increase one-way latency, which may stint a conversation.
    • Just as he stints discussion of aesthetics, so he repeatedly writes as if authorial intention were merely instrumental, a matter of having one's say about certain issues.
    • He played his part well, paying no girl more attention than another, but never stinting his smiles and nods.
    • First, federal education spending under him is up nearly 50 percent over the final year of the past presidency, so the coalition's charge that the president is stinting the schools is just bunk.

verbo intransitivo

to stint on

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