Traducción de stipulate en Español:


estipular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈstipjəˌleɪt//ˈstɪpjʊleɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    (time/condition/amount) estipular
    she stipulated payment in dollars estipuló / especificó que el pago debería hacerse en dólares
    • the rules stipulate that … las normas estipulan / establecen que …
    • The colour of the cladding was stipulated as grey but what was provided was yellow.
    • The contract also stipulates the cottages cannot be resold separately and must be kept in use as holiday homes for at least 10 years.
    • The first condition in the agreement stipulated that an allottee should be a tenant of the site for 10 years.
    • They also agreed on regular reciprocal visits by their defense ministers, and to sign an agreement stipulating the framework for such exchanges, the officials said.
    • The advice line has an automated system into which you input your holiday plans and by return get a tailored information pack stipulating both what is required and what advised.
    • Note that completely rigid kinds of certificates can still be specified by simply stipulating that reconsideration always fails for them.
    • Other important laws were those stipulating the conditions under which ministers can be sued and also a law for the improvement of agriculture.
    • Among the requirements is an agreement stipulating the areas of collaboration between the foreign design firm and its mainland counterpart.
    • They are also responsible for imposing the conditions stipulated in the agreements.
    • They might agree that he would spend the next three months working with the council horticultural team at weekends, with a contract stipulating minimum standards of acceptable behaviour.
    • If the contract stipulates eight bank holidays can be taken as paid leave in addition to holidays, June 3 will not count.
    • When they refused to accept new working conditions stipulated by the contractor, they were all sacked.
    • The system stipulates the rules and requirements that must be observed by the two parties.
    • They do require performance with only stipulated exceptions, but the law of tort does not.
    • The requirement was stipulated in his bail conditions, a top prosecutor said on Tuesday.
    • The government has taken adequate care to protect the labour interests stipulating attractive compensation package when retrenched.
    • When presented with a contract stipulating their duties, they just sign it and reach for the keys.
    • In some negotiation situations prospective recruits will ask the employer to detail the terms of the package that may be on offer before stipulating some of their requirements.
    • A key point of the agreement stipulates an amnesty for GAM fighters and other political prisoners.
    • In addition, the document will include a clause stipulating procedures required for non-member countries to take part in the ASEM process, they said.

verbo intransitivo

to stipulate for

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    estipular algo
    the agreement stipulates for weekly payments el acuerdo estipula / establece pagos semanales