Traducción de stock control en Español:

stock control

control de existencias, n.


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    control de existencias masculino
    • From accounting and stock control to human resources and customer relationship management, they pretty much cover it all.
    • He hopes the thoroughness of its stock control will make the distributor an indispensable link in the chain from manufacture to application.
    • I have written to each new occupant of the CEO's hot-desk in recent years suggesting the remedy: better stock control.
    • A store locator and stock control system allows Global staff to update product information instantly.
    • But the initial steps in the recovery programme have been focused more on investment in customer service training, and improvements in stock control.
    • The Accounting version introduces purchase and sales order processing with integrated stock control as well as sales analysis.
    • The company relies on low level operatives as telesales operators and whilst the company has a computer system, this is simply for invoicing and stock control.
    • It provides a comprehensive range of logistics services, including warehousing, computerised stock control, air cargo, sea freight, sequencing, picking and packing.
    • On the operations front, stronger stock control has also improved operating cash flow.
    • Unfortunately, significant costs arising from enhanced stock control measures have caused near-term profits to suffer.
    • He said the workshops would cover topics like disaster management, marketing, stock control and business planning.
    • Manufacturing and stock control software is another critical tool for a growing business.
    • This product is suitable for most small to medium size businesses that require full stock control and sales and purchase order processing.
    • For example, for a business that carries stock, find out if the product offers stock control or foreign currency capability if your trading goes beyond the Eurozone.
    • We also set up radio frequency networks, which enable real-time stock control.
    • It offers integrated stock control with a simple way to track and distribute orders for the home delivery market.
    • The company reckons that its customers now want total services packages that include warehousing, stock control and just-in-time delivery.
    • The Musgrave Group has already introduced pilot-stage wi-fi PDAs to facilitate re-ordering and stock control activities in its Centra and SuperValu outlets.
    • As well as meeting medicine dispensing needs, the system also manages functions such as stock control and customer records.
    • Marks & Spencer has issues with stock control and pricing, along with an identity crisis about the clothing it should be selling.