Traducción de stock cube en Español:

stock cube

cubito de caldo, n.


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    cubito de caldo masculino
    • Now make the gravy, set the chicken roasting tin on the heat, add the wine, stock cube and 150 ml water.
    • You can choose either chicken or vegetable stock cubes for this soup - we use chicken.
    • Any leftover jus keeps quite well in the fridge or alternatively you can freeze it in an ice cube tray for addition to gravy, soups or casseroles as an alternative to stock cubes.
    • This is my little cheat - rather than make up a stock, I fry the stock cube in with the spices, and then add boiling water.
    • Pressure cook the cauliflower and potato along with the stock cube and three cups of water for a minute.
    • In the meantime, very gently cook a good quantity of white fish (I used haddock) in half a pint of milk with a bay leaf and a stock cube in it.
    • The Oxo family advertisements, which began in 1983, were scrapped after the then owners of the stock cubes, Unilever, decided the concept was outdated.
    • For a less traditional dish, the flour and stock cube can be substituted with 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese sprinkled over the top of the four christophene halves.
    • The leek and potato soup was plain, rather than special, but with none of that thirst-producing stock cube taste.
    • Bring to simmer on low heat chicken stock or water and stock cubes.
    • It's unbelievable how many products contain potato: gravy granules, stock cubes, pies.
    • Although I've changed it slightly, I don't really enjoy stock cubes in my food if they're not necessary.
    • She doesn't use them herself, but even a simple stock cube can serve for a good, tasty soup made at home, she says.
    • Put in the vegetable stock cube and salt to taste.
    • In an earlier programme she spent seven minutes making pea soup by liquidising frozen peas, water and stock cubes in a blender before heating it for ten minutes.
    • Then pour 700 ml boiling water into the milk pan and stir in the stock powder or crumble in a stock cube.
    • Shake a few gravy granules, or break a stock cube over the top and fill the dish with water.
    • Brodo Star Porcini stock cubes (recommended by Nigella) are the secret of a perfect risotto.
    • If you are making a risotto, for instance, add a small amount of bacon and some unsalted home-made stock, rather than a stock cube.
    • The risotto of leek, potato and Parmesan, which came in a deep bowl of Fido-type dimensions, had more salty savour, the kind you get from stock cubes.