Traducción de stoic en Español:


estoico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstoʊɪk//ˈstəʊɪk/


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    estoico masculino
    estoica femenino
    • My friends and colleagues could not understand how I could be such a stoic in the face of losing out on a four-figure sum.
    • If you are on one end of the bell curve and need minimal drugs to treat your pain, you're a stoic, a good chap.
    • And it varies hugely and nearly everybody asks that question largely because they're embarrassed, they know about heroes and stoics who can put up with the most awful injuries and not make any complaints.
    • The ideal stoic would go about life as an actor in a play, playing the roll they are assigned.
    • The modest, by contrast, realise that, in the sum of history and geography, they're but a tiny, passing crater, and the stoics know that human pain has to be suffered and can't just be railed against.
    • We see livestock dotting the hillsides as we climb and I wonder what sort of doughty stoics would choose to farm such challenging country.
    • He is a noble stoic who is by far the most pure character in the play.
    • Beth's husband Kevin, a charismatic history teacher, emerges as a stoic, entirely but mutely aware of his wife's distracted love.
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    estoico masculino


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    (person/attitude) estoico
    • But Statham's delivery is strictly grim and stoic, utterly without humour.
    • And in that kind of instance you would need a judiciary that is stout and stoic in the face of differences of opinion with the regime.
    • Some looking stoic, others with tears quietly trickling down their caved in faces.
    • Mostly they were stoic as the tiniest details of the family's nightmare were revealed.
    • The movie detective is an archetypal Western hero: stoic, logical, and doggedly determined.
    • I suspect that if you have been trained to be stoic, this probably diminishes your ability to sense pain.
    • Marilyn was a stoic and determined woman, with a clear vision.
    • So other emotions, such as being scared or stoic, could come as a surprise.
    • Showing no signs of senility, only stoic, hard-won wisdom, The Cave is a work of a master.
    • It would take more than controversy over his age to keep this stoic ex-mayor of Lancaster down.
    • The speaker and the guide walked out of the shelter, in their stoic marching stance.
    • All the handmaidens cheered, but the Lady stood to the back of them, her face stoic.
    • The Britons, in contrast, appeared stoic, taking the mentality of que sera sera.
    • I cannot say these things matter-of-factly: they are too painful, and I have never been stoic.
    • I sat and watched with some mates and we all thought the second half performance, whilst brave and stoic, was also cheating the fans.
    • His mood seems to have been one of stoic resignation, rather than despair, as reported by James Sharp, a leading Scots Presbyterian.
    • He and his pals are stoic in the face of any criticism of their team.
    • Michael sat in one of the chairs against the wall, trying his best to look strong and stoic, but the worry in his eyes was his betrayer.
    • Students who were not placed in their schools of choice were not as stoic.
    • She was silent and stoic through her trial, but she is talking now.
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