Traducción de stoical en Español:


estoico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstoʊək(ə)l//ˈstəʊɪk(ə)l/


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    • These songs inhabit a brutal world of sin, stoical suffering, death and redemption.
    • I don't tell this story to boast of my skills as a stalker or hide builder or to show my stoical ability to endure hours without moving in the pursuit of wildlife.
    • The masculine heroes are phlegmatic, resourceful and stoical.
    • I'm stoical and have a pretty high pain threshold.
    • He was amazingly patient and stoical, though sad and resigned, as though all this was a deserved punishment.
    • Stanley is the victim of such an appalling and unlikely miscarriage of justice and yet he remains stoical and philosophical about everything that befalls him.
    • The north invokes, partly of course because of Coronation Street itself, an ethos of down-to-earth good humour and a stoical acceptance of disappointment and tragedy.
    • In character he appears to have been gentle and kindly, self-sacrificing with his patients and stoical towards his own ill health.
    • They stand in the hot sun and wait: it is not so much stoical or fatalistic as a worn-out realism.
    • For a sales executive, the airline delays of the past 10 days have brought much opportunity for stoical resignation, deep thinking and reading.
    • The mood in France in particular was one of stoical resignation - one that probably characterized all agrarian workers who were called up and had to leave their land to be cultivated by women and children.
    • What we see in Frazer is a quality of stoical resignation in the face of hopelessness, mixed with sad beauty.
    • It would have been fascinating to eavesdrop on their several conversations but what was most impressive was his stoical calm under such pressure.
    • Concerning women's stoical endurance of pain during childbirth, she found that the expectation was not restricted to just the hospital situation.
    • The result of this stoical acceptance is that Swedes welcome new ideas.
    • A lot of people are very stoical and put up with pain because they think nothing can be done.
    • The atmosphere was resigned and stoical, but also determined.
    • This is what makes men stoical with a fatalism that is so complete it allows for neither optimism nor pessimism.
    • While we would rather see the enemy be the one to ‘die for his country’ we realize what sacrifices we may be called to make and take a stoical acceptance of our fate.
    • Even when some twenty years before his death at ninety the life's raison d'être began to diminish before ceasing altogether, his attitude was calm and stoical.