Hay 2 traducciones principales de stole en Español

: stole1stole2


Pronunciación /stoʊl//stəʊl/


Hay 2 traducciones principales de stole en Español

: stole1stole2


estola, n.



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    estola femenino
    • Necklines were chopped, dresses were butchered and the models sported fake fur stoles and huge furry leg warmers.
    • This constant interactive process between weavers and designers has resulted in the production of a wide range of Ahimsa silk products, including shawls, stoles and garments.
    • The exhibition will showcase a special range of shawls, stoles, garments, sarees, scarves, caps, gloves, sweaters, durries and fabric in embroidery, mirror work, weaves and natural dyes.
    • The American mink was transported to Britain several decades ago to be raised in mink farms for the production of coats and stoles.
    • Bringing the best of hand woven textiles under one roof is ‘The Shawl Show’, an exhibition of shawls, scarves and stoles from various parts of the country that was inaugurated on Monday.
    • Of course they could be wearing ermine stoles and top hats for all you know and care.
    • Some went so far as to swath themselves in mink coats or fur stoles, their heads adorned with high-fashioned hats having netted veils.
    • She left behind 15 mink coats, six silver fox stoles, a dress studded with diamonds, a bullet-proof bra and 2,800 pairs of her coveted shoes.
    • Real or faux fur, shrugs, stoles or capelets are also great alternatives.
    • At the alter, her medieval bridesmaids are wrapped in mink fur stoles.
    • Fabrics such as silk, satin, pure wool, macramé and cotton were present not only on the clothes but also on accessories such as scarves, stoles, handbags and hats, in homage to Sinatra.
    • Look out too for similarities in shops to the shaved fur capes that hit the catwalks, fur gilets, fur stoles and fur trapper hats.
    • Any outfit can have a little enhancement with our wide range of stoles and shawls.
    • Debenhams has fringed wraps from £30 and Accessorize has evening stoles and sequined scarves from £15.
    • With a price tag from Rs.350 to 3,500, one could choose from an assortment of sarees, dress materials, dupattas, stoles, bed spreads and cushion covers, in both cotton and silk.
    • Luxury yarn scarves and stoles in cashmere and alpaca or mohair, will come richly embellished with pearlized effects, embroidery or spangles.
    • Indians stoles, shawls and textiles found their way into English homes and Indian wools and cottons became a part of European dress.
    • The small skins are used in the fur trade for trimming coats, stoles, and neck-pieces.
    • As India's most fashionable week opens this year on April 20, also present will be accessory stalls, which will include items like jewellery, scarves and stoles.
    • Lindsey and Victoria wore cranberry strapless bodices with matching A-line skirts and stoles with crystal detail.
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    estola femenino
    • Martyrs' days are still kept in the Roman Catholic and Anglican liturgical calendars, when the priests' stoles and chasubles are red to signify the martyrs' blood shed for the faith.
    • Along the back of the DBS were liturgical stoles, pulpit gowns, and choir robes.
    • Besides heavily ornate vestments, stoles, monstrance, pulpits, bells, paintings, representations of the Way of the Cross and statues of saints are among the major attractions.
    • There are also richly-illustrated manuscripts and bishops’ copes and stoles, including one worn by Charles 1 during a visit in 1633.
    • The pastors officiating at the funeral wore their purple stoles.