Traducción de stomach pump en Español:

stomach pump

bomba estomacal, n.


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    bomba estomacal femenino
    • The alarm had gone off a few minutes earlier, having the misfortune to be occurring at the same moment when a patient that had OD-ed on alcohol had been wheeled to the stomach pump.
    • Still it was supposed to be the thought that counted, even if they did not own a stomach pump.
    • It was the stomach pump that bothered me, not the bleach.
    • This year she's gotten me out of more scrapes than usual, and bought us our own home-use stomach pump, so I needed to be extra expressive.
    • An eccentric hotel owner is becoming the Basil Fawlty of the Peak District after publicly describing his hotel as ‘dingy’ and recommending that guests who dine there bring a stomach pump.
    • She drank steadily from the 1940s, when she was married to a film director, their daughter Liza being the only child who carried her own stomach pump to the studio in case her mother needed assistance.