Traducción de stone en Español:


piedra, n.

Pronunciación /stəʊn//stoʊn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(material)

      piedra femenino
      • Its walls are made of solid stone blocks weighing over sixty tons each.
      • About five years later he was attracted to the natural beauty of stone and he became a highly original exponent of direct carving in this medium.
      • Older masonry and stone buildings have a tendency to fall down or suffer extensive damage during an earthquake.
      • The temple is built on a foundation of natural stone with four large natural stones at the corners of the base.
      • The five new homes will be built in local stone with natural slate roofs.
      • The architects collaborated with a stone mason to explore new possibilities of stone as a building material.
      • Honed stone floors provide natural slip resistance and connect the room visually with the pool deck, speced in the same material.
      • The museum was built with Kosota rock, a natural, cream-colored stone from southeastern Minnesota.
      • Although tile or natural stone works best with these systems, you can use many of them under wood, vinyl, and even carpeting.
      • Eventually we got everyone onto the roof of the greengrocer's next door - it's a good solid stone building.
      • Nearby were high-status buildings made of stone with plastered walls and more humble structures on the outskirts of the city.
      • Manors were built of natural stone and they were built to last.
      • German settlers in the area first recognized the value of this stone as a building material.
      • Once again it started with the expensive building of tall, solid stone buildings, engines, pumps, boilers and a chimney.
      • In areas where wood was scarce, e.g. many of the Northern Isles, some buildings had stone or turf walls.
      • Because cement is such a dense, hard material it puts stone under pressure, cracks it and allows water to seep into the interior.
      • The most handsome and timeless of materials is stone such as marble, granite, limestone, or slate.
      • The purpose is to create educational materials about Bulgaria's unique historical stone monuments and buildings.
      • All materials - concrete, stone, rusting steel and timber - are solid and untreated.
      • After that you get a good view of this medium sized valley, paralleling it for miles on a stone track.

    • 1.2(small piece)

      piedra femenino
      to throw stones at sb tirarle piedras a algn
      • to sink like a stone hundirse como una piedra / como el plomo
      • she's a rolling stone es un culo de mal asiento
      • Finally he shook his head and plucked a stone from the ground.
      • With a cry I tripped on a small stone on the ground and went down, slamming into the dirt with my hands.
      • She looked at her feet, playing with a stone on the ground.
      • There were little white stones laid on the ground where we had plants growing and we had no idea about who was doing it.
      • Grant grabbed a few stones from the ground and slowly tossed them in.
      • The real world - the mud on the ground, the stones, the sprouting grass - are not captured by the street name.
      • On mixed ground where you have stones and patches of sand, try half a small sandeel, which I've found good for the biggies.
      • I was carrying my coat under my arm and kicked stones lying on the ground.
      • The border markings consisted of small stones imbedded in the ground that went north and south in a very irregular pattern.
      • The sculptures were secured to the ground by stones in her back garden on Arcadian Close, Bexley, along with other garden furniture.
      • The ground is littered with rocks, stones and bottles thrown by protestors.
      • First he put a bunch of stones in a big fire, then he put the stones in a pit dug in the ground, put stones over the top, and covered it with moss, sticks and sand.
      • He expects this to be an extended and tediously boring period of waiting around with nothing for him to do but kick at stones lying on the ground.
      • All were created by clearing the ground surface of stones to reveal a light-coloured soil beneath.
      • He kneeled gently on the earthy floor and took a stick from the ground, and cleared the ground of stones and other obtrusions.
      • A gang of youngsters is terrorising bus drivers by throwing stones, bricks and pieces of concrete at buses and smashing windows as they approach the outskirts of Leeds.
      • Brett looked back, and abruptly tripped on a stone jutting from the ground.
      • Small piles of stones marked the ground in straight, even rows.
      • To make sure that the roots stay submerged, tie them gently with a piece of string that has been weighted with a stone.
      • There was a medium-sized stone on the ground close to the crate.

    • 1.3Construcción

      piedra femenino
      • He had traced and listed 1,450 stones, ranging from late Neolithic and medieval crosses to estate boundary stones, wearing out four pairs of boots in the process.
      • And in all this surely resides the meaning of Borne frontiere, and its universal validity as a model for all demarcation stones.
      • The ashes are still in the ground where they should be, but they are not under the memorial stones.
      • In the floor, close to the monument, is the stone commemorating Shakespeare's widow.
      • Meanwhile, as memorial stones to mark the anniversary were unveiled in the garden, the designer said he was proud to have been associated with the project.
      • It cost £1, 700 and the first of 26 memorial stones was unveiled.
      • It is one of 89 listed milestones, mileposts and boundary stones in Kirklees.
      • A spokesman yesterday said there was a growing concern over the safety of cemetery memorial stones.
      • Zuma unveiled a memorial stone commemorating the 69 people who were shot dead.
      • Brochures for memorial stones and smoke alarms were sent as well as cash-on-delivery parcels.
      • Then there's a film show on Southsea Common, a display of historic military vehicles, a commemorative website and a ceremony at the D-Day stone.
      • The Parish Council has approved a design for boundary stones for the parish, estimates of the cost of erecting these are now being obtained.
      • Officials had ordered memorial stones to be moved because the rules of the cemetery stated they were not allowed to be on the grass.
      • The event was held to mark three Roman memorial stones being put back on show for the first time in three years as part of a new exhibition.
      • Bolton Wanderers have a memorial book and memorial stones at the main entrance to the stadium.
      • A tree planting ceremony followed, before a commemorative stone was laid in memory of the deceased.
      • The Korean Irish Memorial Committee are determined to set up a memorial stone to commemorate the 28 Irishmen that were killed in Korea.
      • The vases and memorial stones which had been carefully placed by families over the cremated remains of their loved ones were moved to a far wall.
      • The memorial stones for the new Wesleyan Chapel at Langcliffe were laid.
      • The council has still not settled who will pay for the re-setting of the memorial stones.

    • 1.4(of grave)

      lápida femenino

  • 2

    • 2.1(gem)

      piedra femenino
      • Semi-precious stones like turquoise, amethyst, pearls and corals enhanced the look of most creations.
      • Examples of consumers being stung include an internet shopper who bought a diamond ring for £995-half the usual price for a stone of its weight and size.
      • The dark red stones twinkle invitingly from many shop windows.
      • She was wearing a gold ring with three red stones, and a wrist band with the name ‘Mary’ inscribed on it that may help identify her.
      • Bohemia is known for its unusual crystal objects and deep red garnet stones.
      • The combination of gold with creative materials, colourful precious stones and semi-precious stones is also very much in vogue.
      • In particular he described a faceted stone weighing 125 carats that he said was as fine a gemstone as any yet produced in the United States.
      • It had five red stones, possibly rubies, on the intricate gold band.
      • Diamond-set petals cradle large turquoise, coral, or onyx stones to make dramatic, showstopping rings.
      • There are three peridot stones, arranged in a triangle, with tiny little diamonds adorning it.
      • Glue a turquoise stone or cabochon on the middle of the threads.
      • Some material contains so much chromium in its structure that the stones are dark red.
      • The average grade of the deposit was reported to be only about 0.1 carat per ton with an average stone size of 0.26 carat.
      • The stones used include red jasper, white oriental alabaster, yellow chalcedony, and green gabbro.
      • Particularly in the Saxon pagan period, gold jewellery was often inset with precious or semi-precious stones such as garnet.
      • In addition to metals, Russia developed an extensive gemstone trade by importing stones into the country along the major trade routes.
      • The children found a large stone that weighed in at a spectacular 213/16 carats.
      • The special exhibit runs through 30 May and features cut and rough gem specimens as well as birthstones and synthetic stones.
      • In the case of diamonds, colour actually refers to the stone's lack of colour.
      • Several players who subsequently moved on have discovered that their baubles contained imitation zirconia stones rather than genuine diamonds.

    • 2.2(in kidney)

      cálculo masculino
      piedra femenino
      • The risk of kidney and urinary stones was higher both before and after surgery in those undergoing surgery
      • Ultrasonography showed multiple stones in the left kidney.
      • The remaining 10 percent of gallstones are pigmented stones, which have less than 20 percent cholesterol.
      • It can rule out or diagnose obstructions, developmental abnormalities, tumors, and stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.
      • In one case plain radiography misdiagnosed a stone not seen on intravenous urography.

    • 2.3(of fruit)

      hueso masculino
      cuesco masculino
      carozo masculino Cono Sur
      pepa femenino Colombia
      • Fruits and vegetables were available at the time according to the discovery on the same site of fruit stones, nutshells and more stools containing leeks and other vegetable matter.
      • Apparently, the stones of each plum variety have different markings.
      • He said he had asked him to help collect apple seeds and cherry stones - the raw ingredients for cyanide - and told him it was for use in making herbal medicine.
      • It can be made with almonds or the stones of peaches or apricots, as well as a variety of other spices.
      • Next she gathers up the stones and other fruit debris that has been sitting on the counter, throws it in the bin, and scurries out of the kitchen.
      • There was something strangely soothing about having my Aveda Himalayan treatment in a small cave with walls as porous as pumice and pitted as a peach stone.
      • Quarter each plum and place plums and their stones in a large preserving pan with lemon juice.
      • The ‘ricin factory’ consisted of castor oil, cherry stones and apple seeds, and some handwritten recipes for ricin.
      • Select very ripe apricots, remove the stones and reduce the fruit to a pulp.
      • How would an identity card have prevented his acquiring his cherry stones or internet recipe?
      • Halve the plums, remove the stones, then slice each half into four or six wedges, depending on their thickness.
      • Remove the stones from the fruit (and the skin from the mango) and place the fruit in a food processor with a tablespoon of sugar.
      • In the visitor centre, artefacts taken from Oakbank are put on display, including a toggle, a pendant and cherry stones.
      • He has rarely been stumped, save for the time when someone told him: ‘I planted a plum stone and an apple tree has grown.’
      • Chop the dried fruit, removing any stones where necessary.
      • He collected cherry stones and apple seeds - the raw ingredients for cyanide - and had more than 20 castor beans which can be used to make ricin.
      • Add the cracked peach stones, but remove the inside kernels.
      • In his parable, two old women climb the mount of Nelson's Pillar and start spitting plum stones on the Dubliners around them.
      • Halve the apricots and peaches, remove the stones and place flesh-side down on a lightly oiled tray with a little of the honey smeared over it.
      • It has a cherry stone with more faces carved on it than anyone else has ever bothered to manage.

  • 3plural stone"or "stones

    (in UK)
    unidad de peso equivalente a 14 libras o 6,35kg

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (throw stones at)
    (person) apedrear
    (person) lapidar
    she was stoned to death murió lapidada / apedreada
    • Nevertheless some gangs do occasionally break through to stone buses, houses and terrify old ladies.
    • Cars were set alight, buses were stoned and fireworks and bottles thrown at cars.
    • "On Monday night the crews and vehicles were stoned from the flats.
    • The crowd stoned policemen and beat a bus driver in Plovdiv late Monday, after the power was cut off.
    • Buses have been stoned or shot at, homes burned and livestock slaughtered.
    • Protests in the area spiralled out of control on Tuesday evening as vehicles were stoned.
    • A Bradford rioter claimed he tried to stop youths wrecking cars only minutes after being filmed throwing stones himself.
    • Hundreds of angry Malawians hounded a senior political figure from his house and stoned him [though not fatally] late Wednesday, accusing him of harboring vampires.
    • At an early court appearance, angry crowds stoned the police van escorting her.
    • The soldiers stood there as the group of about ten boys proceeded to stone us, hit us with sticks, and throw water at us from the soldiers' water bottle.
    • Militants loyal to Aristide crushed a similar antigovernment demonstration Thursday, stoning opponents and blocking the protest route.
    • "Every time that the van tried to move out, the mob stoned the van," he said.
    • There is absolutely no need to stone vehicles or beat up perceived political opponents.
  • 2Britanico

    (fruit) quitarle el hueso a
    (fruit) quitarle el cuesco a
    (fruit) quitarle el carozo a Cono Sur
    (fruit) quitarle la pepa a Colombia
    (fruit) deshuesar
    (fruit) descarozar Cono Sur
    • Criss-cross the surface with strips of anchovy and put halves of stoned olives in the spaces.
    • Drain and season, add stoned small black olives.
    • Add a handful of black olives, stoned and roughly chopped, and a splash of white wine.
    • Add grilled cherry tomatoes, stoned black olives, cavello nero and some fresh basil leaves.
    • Hull strawberries, peel and slice mango, core and chop pears and halve and stone plums.
    • Halve and stone the avocados, sprinkle the dressing over the cut surfaces.
    • Rinse and stone the plums, removing any stalks as you go.
    • Halve, stone and peel the avocado and place a half on each pile of mesclun.
    • Halve and stone the apricots and put them, hollow side up, in a heatproof dish.
    • Stone the small black olives and toss in a little olive oil.
    • Stone the olives, dropping each one into the mustard dressing as you go.
    • At each harvest the fresh weight and dry matter content of fruit flesh and stones were measured after peeling and stoning.
    • In the centre of each diamond shape place a stoned olive and anchovy.
    • Fruit was washed, dried, and stoned if necessary; sugar, cut from loaves, had to be pounded and sieved; butter washed in water and rinsed in rosewater.