Traducción de stonewall en Español:


andarse con evasivas, v.

Pronunciación /stəʊnˈwɔːl//ˈstəʊnwɔːl//ˈstoʊnˌwɔl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (be evasive) andarse con evasivas
    (be obstructive) utilizar tácticas obstruccionistas
    • This allows the airline to stonewall the workers' demands for improved living standards while amassing profits.
    • But even a good question can be stonewalled or sidestepped.
    • I can't tell for sure, but it seems like my dad is stonewalling my mom's lawyers by not responding to letters.
    • By acknowledging nothing, denying everything and stonewalling every investigation, we are all therefore complicit in a war crime of unprecedented gravity.
    • That hasn't stopped him from trying to market his album, even if commercial radio stations have been stonewalling him.
    • The bankers refused to give an inch and just stonewalled us.
    • They just don't want to know and they don't care, they stonewall us.
    • The letter asserted that the board had stonewalled the waiting-list members.
    • When she confronted Don, he stonewalled her and limited her access to the business records.
    • I was trying to explain to them that I needed the money but they were stonewalling me.
    • They seem to have made a decision to stonewall me in the hopes that I will simply go away.
    • But when state prosecutors stonewalled the case, the Justice Department flatly refused to bring charges.
    • All questions were to be stonewalled, on the logical grounds that any comment would prejudice the judicial inquiry set to be announced by the Ministry of Defence.
    • For six days the company has stonewalled customers and the press with vague explanations or, worse, no explanation at all.
    • The White House is going to pay a heavy political price for the months it spent denying and stonewalling the problem.
    • The hospital stonewalled Turner, the website had no news.
    • If you try to phone them, the line may go dead; if you get through you are stonewalled.
    • I don't have experience with the government stonewalling me at all.
    • This went on four times, with Wallace getting more desperate as he believed Bill was stonewalling him.
    • Each and every time I'd try to arrange a meeting, she'd stonewall me.
  • 2Britanico

    jugar a la defensiva
    jugar al cerrojo
    • If they batted the overs West Indies would win so Vaughan had to go for the kill and Browne and Bradshaw stonewalled defiantly.
    • MacGill, who has taken 39 wickets in six Tests against England, often found it more difficult bowling to players whose sole intention was to stonewall.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (measures/project/proposals) bloquear
    to stonewall it contestar con evasivas