Traducción de storm window en Español:

storm window

contraventana, n.


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    contraventana femenino
    • The type of frame material on a storm window unit is important because it contributes to the storm window's heat conductivity and maintenance.
    • Like a storm window, double-glazed glass creates insulation by using an extra sheet of glass to create an air pocket.
    • Check that all storm windows and windows are closed and latched.
    • It is especially important to have storm windows if the windows in your home are older and not constructed of modern insulated glass.
    • The supplier will first measure all the windows where you want storm windows installed.
    • Now with the weather getting colder and the heat running I have found that there is a lot of condensation on the storm windows.
    • Have you recently remodeled your home or done any energy conservation work, such as installing insulation, storm windows, or weather stripping?
    • There was a small four pane window covered by a storm window at the end opposite the door.
    • I cleaned rooms, laundered bedding, caulked around storm windows, shoveled snow, and rented rooms to travelers and lovers.
    • As winter's storm windows come down, it's time to let the outdoor air in.
    • Install storm windows over single-pane windows or replace them with double-pane windows.
    • A storm window installed on the inside works better than one installed on the outside.
    • Remove storm windows or doors, and replace with clean screens.
    • They'd just put the storm windows in and she heard a passing flock of geese, muffled through two layers of glass.
    • And I couldn't get the storm window open, so Detective Barnes, I think, pushed the window in.
    • The units are spaced with a 1-to 2inch gap between the storm window and existing window.
    • The existing window frame needs to be in reasonable shape, or adding a storm window probably won't make sense.
    • Some storm windows have fixed, full length screens and glass panels that slide out of the way for ventilation.
    • Check the storm windows to see if they fit and are not broken.
    • Repair and weatherize your current storm windows, if necessary.