Traducción de storyboard en Español:


story board, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstɔriˌbɔrd//ˈstɔːrɪbɔːd/


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    (esquema audiovisual del argumento) story board masculino
    • Equally interesting are the galleries of storyboards, production designs, and publicity stills from the film.
    • The storyboard contains a rough sketch representation of the video.
    • The storyboard montage consists of storyboards and scenes from the film edited together and then shown with some dance music in the background.
    • The trailer actually undersells the film, while the storyboards and biography make for intriguing viewing.
    • The project began when the pupils, aged eight and nine, worked with their parents to produce storyboards to outline what they wanted the film to include.
    • Unlike a regular storyboard, in these drawings each frame is gridded, showing the different scenes that are going to be combined together.
    • Sometimes a film only uses storyboards for difficult sequences, other times the entire film is storyboarded.
    • Participants will also be taught the basics of drawing up their own storyboards so they do not waste time taking unwanted footage.
    • Twenty-one of Kurosawa's storyboards are also reproduced in the booklet.
    • Garth had written storyboards for most of the film, we were very, very well prepared.
    • From shooting to working on the storyboard, direction, production and even editing has been done by the children themselves.
    • But on bad days where we were all racing the clock, we could fall back on the storyboards and the shot lists and get it done.
    • The disc also has a series of production photos, and the storyboards from several sequences in the film.
    • He even provides us with a few storyboards from the film, offering up his thoughts on how they helped him realize his vision.
    • Here, the sense of immediacy and the developing narrative are reminiscent of sketched film storyboards.
    • A set of nine black-and-white storyboards, a director's filmography, and three trailers round out the anemic set of extra features.
    • Also included are animated storyboards of the basketball sequences, which are very interesting and informative.
    • She made a precise storyboard and created some images on the computer.
    • Here you get a weighty complement of storyboards, production design drawings, and photographs.
    • Learn top camcorder techniques and everything about screenplays and storyboards, writing your script, the shoot, editing tips and sound and music for your production.